Dating rejection message

25-Aug-2017 22:48

The legacy of those tribal days is that even minor rejections can destabilize our ‘need to belong’, to feel as though we’re accepted and loved by our core group.

To address this often unconscious pang, reach out to good friends or family members and try to see them in person.

Doing so will remind you that you are a valued and respected member of your ‘tribe’.

Rejections are an extremely common emotional ‘injury’ and they always hurt.

But taking these three steps will help you heal the emotional wounds they create, recover your confidence and bounce back quicker and stronger than you would have otherwise.

Did they reject you because you’re not tall enough, smart enough, attractive enough, rich enough, educated enough, or hip enough? Then you start to second guess everything you did and said.Therefore, there is utterly no point in trying to blame yourself or any perceived flaw you might have.Unless the person looked you in the eye and said something specific such as, “Sorry, I’m just not into dimples,” chalk it up to insufficient chemistry.In some cases, companies may also be hedging their bets – if they haven't sent out an official rejection, they can still reach out to candidates in the future if a prospective hire doesn't work out after all.

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However, some companies do notify candidates who haven't been chosen.

Although it’s natural to feel self-critical after a rejection, there is little point in ‘going there’.