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11-Aug-2017 12:44

Even if we were to accept that women have an unfair advantage when it comes to dating, where does it leave us?Well, we can either complain about it, drown our sorrows at the bar, and end up going home to an empty bed every night, or we can accept the situation for how it is and get to work doing something about it!In the following Obsession Formula review, we’ll give you the low-down on how it works, exactly what you get with the system, along with our assessment on what makes it a “must have” or a “total flop”.But before we get too deep into the review and delve into the specific details of the program, let’s first dig into the background of the Obsession Formula creator, Adam Lyons.

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But enough on Adam and his endless hordes of sexy women. The Obsession Formula system is a dating and relationship course containing tips and techniques that make a woman feel undeniable attraction and desire towards you.

Let’s review the Obsession Formula and find out if it’s really capable of helping you attract the woman you want. The core foundation of the course and the techniques Adam teaches to trigger obsessions in other people center on the role dopamine plays as a reward mechanism within the brain. There is actually a large body of research, psychology, and science which supports the approach adopted in the system and its underlying concepts.

It also revolves around two different types of “forced learning”: associated learning and learning through occasional reward. If you’re not interested in finding out why the techniques adopted in the Obsession Formula work, feel free to skip straight through to the next section.

Thinking there may be an association the dogs were making between him and food, he began experimenting with a bell at feeding times and found that over time, the dogs would salivate at the sound of a bell ringing both when food was present and again when it wasn’t.

Through additional research, he later discovered there is a proven connection between learned associations that animals and humans unconsciously make.If your best pick up line is, “That’s a nice shirt. ” or “I’m gonna have sex with you tonight, so you might as well be there”, then chances are you could use some help from Adam Lyons, a man considered to be the “World’s Number 1 Seducer.” Naturally such a claim is fairly subjective, but Adam has won a string of awards over the years within the PUA and seduction community, solidifying him in that role.Originally from East London, Adam has been a dating and relationships consultant for around 10 years and has built a massive reputation and following via his boot camps and other successful programs.It is an argument that is often fiercely debated between the sexes.