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View additional information about presentation proposals here. Booth space is limited, so please submit your form as soon as possible.

If you have questions, contact Sharon Morgan, Director of Early Childhood, at [email protected]

Welcome to the Early Childhood and Family Education Page!

On our page, you will find information about programs and services for families and children birth through 3rd grade as well as a variety of resources for parents, teachers, administrators, educators, and students.

Well, in this case, the order we pick people doesn’t matter. In our case, we get 336 permutations (from above), and we divide by the 6 redundancies for each permutation and get 336/6 = 56.

Proposals should be connected to the "purposeful play" theme. A committee will review all proposals and notify applicants of session selections by June 29. Applications for booth space will be accepted until June 13.

Let’s say we have 8 people: How many ways can we award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize among eight contestants? We know the factorial is: Unfortunately, that does too much!

(Gold / Silver / Bronze) We’re going to use permutations since the order we hand out these medals matters.

The University was inaugurated on 2nd March 1996 by the former Hon. The objective of the Kannur University Act 1996 is to establish in the state of Kerala a teaching, residential and affiliating University, promoting the development of higher education in Kasargod and Kannur revenue districts and the Mananthavady Taluk of Wayanad District.

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Kannur University is unique in the sense that it is a multi-campus university with campuses spread over at various locations under its jurisdiction.

Here’s an easy way to remember: permutation sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Combinations, on the other hand, are pretty easy going. Alice, Bob and Charlie is the same as Charlie, Bob and Alice.