Dating shy nerdy guys what is the dating age law in colorado

24-May-2017 21:35

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Find something they are interested in and let them jabber about it. Stuff like that and a few other converstaional tricks to keep it going.

Occasionally you have to throw a nod in or an "uh huh" or a "Really! The hard part here is not yawning or getting that thousand yard stare as they babble on and actually paying attention to the thread of the discussion.

I'm a bit quiet in that I don't spend all the time giggling and talking like most girls my age (22), but I can certainly hold my own in an intelligent conversation.

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The thing that seems to be getting left out is the stimulus to get them going. Instead of a cup of coffee, or tea, or soy milk, invite them to go get a beer. I probably wouldn't be married today if I hadn't had the sense to have my first date with my wife be to a bar. "moment followed by "Oh fuck, I'm so going to fuck this up. "I like you, relax, just have fun with me." Heck, if you lay your hand on his and/or kiss/snuggle up to him, I'm sure his nervousness will fade soon enough. And they're all on the 'dope, so you know they're bright, moderately nerdy but still fairly with it guys. ), I'm going to go the opposite route as most of these here.Yay, it's another chance for Dopers to engage in their third-favorite activity*.So here is my problem: I likes me some shy, nerdy guys, but they will never initiate a conversation with me.I have no self-esteem issues or daddy issues or "issues" of any kind, really (except with people who use the non-word "anyways," but that's why I'm a doper, right? When I was a lad, an pleasant, intelligent female went out with me a few times. And eye contact is all well and good, but a little shyness--glancing away a bit, or letting your bangs kind of fall across your eyes once in a while--might convey that you're just as nervous as the guy is (even if you're not). Org knows I know what works on me, but I have less than a clue as to how it works the other way. Okay, so I'm a software developer, and my daughter says I'm a nerd, but I'm not.