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I've never talked or met this guy it was only thru messenger. Sadly, he lost his wallet just before we started chatting! Stated saying she loved me and wanted to get married within one week. That's when he said send a money gram AND I did.After reading this strip and everything that was done to other women, was done to me. Dear Paris Chic, I’ve made the same experience with Dr. Asked for 5.00 for a car note or it would be repossessed! Somehow because this kind of scam/fraud happened in this area before - the recipient could not pick it up without further authorization from me- so "Joshua" told me to call them to release the funds.Gillberg Larsson who has been working for the UN in Damascus. Told me I could send it to Gregory Porter in college Park Atlanta through Western Union. looks like women aren't the only ones , I had a girl get into my messenger somehow said we had met somewhere but she couldn't recall where , and I certainly couldn't but I kept chatting with her and by the next night she said I was her soul mate and looking at her photo I was falling for it quickly , by the 3rd night we were set to spend the rest of our lives together , then came the hardship stories and said she needed money badly , I started catching on and then seen her message was sent by phone from Nigeria but said she lived in Illinois , I hit the brakes and blocked her instantly , so the guys are getting too I was contacted in the same way, using the same story except the son was in a boarding school in Atlanta. The name was on the form along with my name and the transaction # (whatever).A widower from Sweden with a 12-year-old son who is in a boarding school in Italy. The pics were gorgeous and younger then the stated age. I google searched the photos and they belong to a doctor in Brazil who has a verified account. ANyway- I called money gram and they asked me pointed questions to which I couldn't lie...His name is Donald Woods in US ARMY/NATIONAL GUARD in Damascus, Syria, Home Town is San Francisco, California. Says his wife was killed in car accident and has a 12yr old son in Boarding School.after so many messages from him and his sad life stories, I fell sorry for him when he thought he was going to loose his hard earned Contract money and his documents in a package at Atlanta airport, needed money because he had no one else to help him so I borrowed money from Loan companies trying to help a friend out. I was enamored, yep, fell in love, called me gorgeous, beautiful, princess, honey, my love........It was always something happened and he needed more. And he was a widow and a daughter that lived in Canada with grandparents. He gave me a brief description of where he worked in San Antonio.Before I knew it I was getting a message from the courier saying his package was being held in customs and requesting 00.Long story short he made me feel terrible for not being able to help him since he said he spent all his money to send me the package and had no access to his account.

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If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer.

I called the school in United Kingdom and emailed them the forms....