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13-Aug-2017 23:42

Dark Starlings is a very young social networking community centered mostly around the music but all those fascinated with the dark, quirky, strange ways of life, those who live outside the mainstream persuasions, looking for some shred of sanity will find themselves at home here.Gothic Souls is a social network for gothic dating where members can mystically fuse new friendships from a cyber wasteland.Goth Passions is a 100% free online dating & social networking community site for Goth singles.Meet other Goth singles into clubbing, goth literature, raves or the occult.Zombie Friends is a place for the Zombies, undead and Horror Freaks to hangout when not out shambling among the living.Meet and be a zombie friend with horror movie nuts, Zombies, the Undead, Night Walkers, horror film industry folk and horror film wanna-be's.

Membership to Vampire Freaks is 100% free, however, premium services are available.

Today, I was reading through the many definitions of "goth" in the Urban dictionary and I have a better understanding other than my incorrect belief of goths being people who wore black and kept to themselves.