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Transcripts are initiated from 2 distinct promoters, both of which are AT-rich and lack canonical TATA or CAAT motifs; one is upstream of exon 1 and the other downstream, including the 'intronic' region between exons 1 and 3.

Both groups showed that expression of the CCCKR5 protein renders nonpermissive CD4 cells susceptible to infection by HIV-1 strains (see 609423).The results suggested that CCR5-positive cells are recruited to inflammatory sites and, as such, may facilitate transmission of macrophage-tropic strains of HIV-1. (1998) found that there were factors other than CCR5 polymorphisms accounting for the fact that exposure to HIV-1 does not usually lead to infection.Although this fact could be because of insufficient virus titer, there is abundant evidence that some individuals resist infection even when directly exposed to a high titer of HIV.- passionsnetwork I am a Christian and don't believe in sex before marriage.

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In other tissues, CCR5 was expressed on epithelium, endothelium, vascular smooth muscle, and fibroblasts.