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19-Feb-2017 16:26

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Talking about how funny that friend is can really liven up the conversation – especially if one of you remembers a funny story about that same friend.

Again, it can present opportunities for other threads of conversation.

and hopefully, help you to feel more deeply connected to the people you love. With the right question, you might discover something you never knew, about someone you’ve known…

) Are you living your life purpose — or still searching?

If you could enroll in a Ph D program, with your tuition paid in full by a mysterious benefactor, what would you study — and why?

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If you had an extra 0 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do? What do you value most: free time, recognition, or money? What’s one thing you’re deeply proud of — but would never put on your résumé? What’s the hardest thing you ever had to write — and why? What’s the most out-of-character choice you’ve ever made?

Do you think everyone has the capacity to be a leader?

) Do you think you’re currently operating at 100% capacity?

You don’t to talk about jobs and family for the entire night.

But if you feel an awkward silence coming on, a simple “So, tell me about your work” is a great way to get something new started. It will require you take the lead sometimes, but other people might also surprise you by taking the conversation even further. Let’s say all four of you have a common friend who is always cracking jokes. Is there something that people consistently ask you for help with? If you wrote romance novels or erotic fiction, what would your “pen name” be? Ask if they watch any good shows, or if they’ve seen any good movies lately, or whether they go to concerts (but don’t ask all of these questions in a row, of course).