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13-Feb-2017 15:22

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Of course, he could have been older and still act like an immature baby. My current partner is aware of my troubled past and has never brought it up, not even once. Age really shouldn't matter, especially when you immediately click with someone.As soon as you start putting importance on a person's age, it's almost like you're already setting yourself up to fail.My boyfriend is four years younger than me, but I usually forget that and see us as the same age.Until something happens like I mention a Top 40 song from 1993 and he has never heard it in his life.(Mmm mmm mmm mmm by Crash Test Dummies.)I am currently dating a caring, wonderful, loving, and mature 26 year old man (I'm 31). He is brilliant, has a stable & well paying job, is very considerate and thoughtful, always putting my needs before his, AMAZING in bed OMFG yes...there is no safer place for me to be than in his arms.In my experience, it's more or less the same as dating anyone else, except they cringe a little bit when they are confronted with the fact that you're their little brother's age or something like that. Yeah I think it would be a mistake to make any correlation assumptions about anyone's age and their tastes re: tending to the submissive or to the dominant.I don't have a problem with it, and I'm sure plenty of women can look past it as well, but that's been my experience. In a weird way I find younger men can actually come off as MORE dominant because it's (technically, maybe?Some problems we have faced: If I knew that he was dating me because he's a submissive and my age just plays into that fantasy then we wouldn't work out at all.My age is part of who I am, I don't want to be fetishised over it.

We look about the same age, we act about the same age, and despite being in different stages of our life we mesh quite well.If a shorter dude manages the same feat, I would automatically be more impressed with him. Things were great, a week later she said, "okay I need to tell you something..."She was 5 years older than me.I didn't care at all, not sure why she thought it was a big enough deal to lie about it.In general I'm a switch but tend to be more dominant, but I don't have that being a major part of my relationships. I've got 2 years up on my SO, but he's definitely smarter then me in a lot of ways (though I find that incredibly sexy) and knows a lot in general about life.