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19-Aug-2017 11:42

While the issues can overlap in many ways- abandonment, jealousy and resentment and deep nostalgia; with divorce there are divided loyalties and in death there is bereavement and a desire to protect/honor the deceased parent’s memory.

DIVORCE In either situation, your children will be uncomfortable with you and your new love hanging all over each other.

Now you find yourself sleepless, flushed, and unable to think of anything else.

Once it may have seemed unimaginable- but here you are middle-aged and head over heels in love like a teenager.

I’ve been devastated that I don’t get to marry him, have our big wedding we both planned and spend forever with him, starting a family together and growing old together.” Not long after the tragedy, Hannah reached out to their wedding photographer Holly Gannett about doing a photo shoot in her wedding dress to honor Layne ― her high school sweetheart and boyfriend of seven years ― and the love they shared.

“Even though I will never get a wedding with him, I wanted to at least have a picture of him with me in my dress to honor and remember him as my future husband,” Hannah told Huff Post.

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And you’ll see they are not that perfect as your selective memory suggests.

It is not intended to substitute for professional, personalized therapy.

If something you read here evokes a strong response that hinders your ability to cope with life, please seek professional help.

Never assume your adult children feel the same way you are about your dating.

Don’t even assume all your kids will feel the same way.Keep the PDA (public displays of affection) to a minimum unless you want to evoke the “yuck factor” in your kids.Nothing makes adult children more uncomfortable then the two of you making out like hormone driven adolescents during a family dinner. That will only prolong your agony, not make it go away.

Our daughter died from fatal blood clot just hours after doctor sent her home with antibiotics, say grieving parents 'He said it was either an infection or a blood clot and he was going to treat her for an infection', mother claims… continue reading »

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