Dating someone whos been arrested

08-Apr-2017 00:47

Before Charlie died, I couldn't walk without being in a lot of pain due to a spinal problem and I had to carry him up and down 3 flights of stairs because his legs were so bad.

Leo man never offered to help me once and when I asked he would just lay on the sofa.

wow,wish i had found this sight 5 years ago ,so i could have been pre warned as to how selfish ,and egotistical some leo men really are!!

In the 5 years i was with this man,i got one trip to memphis,one valenties card ,two dinner dates,i met his kids ,mom and dad,no friends the whole while he said I love you ,he was dating other people but totaly denying it!!

I am letting the relationship burn out on its own to avoid less pain. When he is being nice he is great company and this is the only reason I think I am still seeing him. I don't feel like his girl friend on any level as he is such a selfish idiot.

I had to end my 2 year relationship with my leo boyfriend, he only cared for what you coulod do for him, he cares only for his needs and wants, and you should want to exist only to please him. yes.i been dealing with a leo man for 2yrs he is the most selfish man i ever been in a relationship with he love attention and everything revolve around a pisces so im real easy going when im in love but once i feel use i swim he please me in the bed room he is the best sexual lover i ever far as doing the things for me that i do for him like calling to check up on me just because,or doing the little things i ask,he always lie or find a way out,,im so over him and yes i love him but i love me more. this even though we lived together, rode to work together, left owrk together.. I just got a Valentines card and I was supposed to be super grateful for that after 6 years.

They are truley jealous men,so much in fact that when i started dating my now Gemini man,the ex leo was spying on me ,and getting angry that some other mans truck was in my driveway..this sag dont like all the drama leo men create,and had to laugh!!

Jealousy coming from a man who took another woman to a family outing while with me ,then allowing pictures to be posted on the internet and when asked he told me "its just one date baby dont be mad!

I found out he slept with someone else and he totally lied about and only admitted to it after he realised I wasn't going to buy his BS.

by Tina Roberts (Richmond Va US) I have dated a Leo man and it was not a pleasant experience. I feel sorry for you I may not know the full story but in all honesty, it's true that some of us leos are just plain jerks.

they are not loyal, they are always on the prowl looking for someone to conquer, that's the part they live for and will use all their charm and prowess to get what they want.

Well sorry but we're not living in the dark ages and I have far too much respect for myself to put up with being treated like a total doormat!

I have been dating a Leo man for the past 4 months also and I am at the verge of giving up!!!

When my dog was on his last legs, he kept telling me to 'just kill him'.

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