Dating stella harmony guitars

08-May-2017 08:49

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These distinguished French steel string guitars are all ladder-braced and are very highly regarded! Like the Stella and Sovereign guitars, Selmer-Maccafferi guitars owe much of their distinctive tone to their ladder-braced construction.From time to time we will update this feature with more Stella Myths and Factoids.

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Harmony did a great job of stamping model numbers and dates of manufacture on their guitars, but they often require some decoding.

Harmony Stella guitars usually have a poplar neck with a dyed maple or birch fingerboard.

High-end Harmony flat tops feature solid mahogany and solid spruce components. Although "x-bracing" is somewhat more labor intensive than ladder-bracing, this was not the primary reason Stella guitars were made using this bracing technique.

Italian-American makers such as Antonio Cerrito, Raphael Ciani and Joseph Nettuno made many great guitars using the same bracing patterns in use by the Oscar Schmidt factory.

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Also consider the esteemed Selmer-Maccafferi guitars made famous by Gypsy jazz great Django Reinhardt.

PRICE: 9 122117B I set out to produce a mid-size fingerstyle guitar with a deep body for increased acoustic tone and projection.