Dating the highly intellectual

20-Jun-2017 21:03

Eventually she quit after witnessing a recently deceased coworker - there's no way I would share this via my blog if she was still a spy.

She was a good friend., especially in younger people as documented in a Journal of Adolescent Health paper.

These are activities completely alien to our evolutionary ancestors.

In a recent The Economist article, Satoshi Kanazawa, author of 3 books and 80 articles on psychology, explained that what smart people generally suck at is things that are Evolutionarily Familiar: finding someone to mate with, making friends, parenting, preparing food, etc.

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For each problem we identify solutions; both actionable behaviors to change and deeper mindsets to internalize. The girl I met a midst the suds aggressively thrust me into her social group.Studying when it is fresh in your mind or after it has already been forgotten is redundant and we are surprisingly bad at predicting when we are going to forget things.A personal example: In year 1 of Spanish classes in high school (over a decade ago for me) 'Hat'- was a vocabulary item.I'm not just talking about smart guys either, there's is a strong correlation between lower birthrate and women of higher education and IQ.

Smart people's tendency to over analyze probably has a lot to do with this problem, we are more often doing cost-benefit analysis, second guessing decisions and trying to make predictions about our future relationships when we should probably be thinking with our loins instead of our neocortexes.

So relating to your kids or scoring a date is going to take just as much focus as programming a website or landing that high paying job.