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18-Apr-2017 12:36

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He use physic reading Hi, I just wanted to share my story, I was told that I had a blighted ovum because the doctor couldn't see a heartbeat or even a baby at 61/2 weeks despite super high Hc G levels.But at the same time I think it is important to know that sometimes there is hope and all we need to do is wait.I have a friend who lost 3 in a row before she had her second son. At the first u/s, all that could be seen was gestational sac and yolk sac even though I was supposed to be 7 weeks (I'm pretty sure as to date of conception, too). On my second visit (13 days later), there was a heartbeat but even though almost two weeks had passed they aged the embryo at only 7 weeks.Hopefully that will not be you or me so hang in there. Since there was a strong heartbeat (146 bpm), though, I was told everything is in great shape.Long story short, stay positive you'll probably be pleasantly suprised! Unfortunately this has happened to me 2 times this year already.The baby dies in late in trimester 1 and the body does not recognize it.I got pregnant again 2 months later and the same thing happened only this time a few weeks later in the pregnancy; we knew to expect the same.

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so maybe with no bleeding you still have some hope! Best of luck to you all and thank you for all the responses.Well, in answer to my own question that I posted... Hopefully I will see all of you back here in a few months:) Hello I know this is an old thread, I'm currently going through a similar situation.I went for an US at 8weeks 4days, I measured at 8 weeks 3days but no heartbeat was found.I also have ahd no bleeding or signs of a miscarriage. I hope I am in the same boat as those fortunate ones and my prayers are with all those who have not been so lucky. I have a serious situation I have had at least 3 ultrasounds and to this date doctors are not seeing my baby of hearing the heart beat...

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