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Genome sequences can be used as a chronological map or puzzle within which we can date evolutionary events.I'm attempting to grow bacteria in the laboratory that we think were responsible for these world changing metabolisms - our likely candidates - and work with Fournier to develop tools and techniques for sequencing their genomes." Momper's goal is to be able to take whole genomes and compare them against other distantly related bacterial genomes, ancient deeply branching lineages, and through that comparison constrain dates for the advent of each class of metabolisms Next-generation genome sequencing has caused the amount of data available data to snowball.It doesn't always have to be about science, but there's always a fresh idea to be talked about.I have also found that the support here for the postdoctoral community is really astonishing. I think that MIT supports their graduate students and their postdocs really, very well." Story image credit: Helen Hill Lily Momper 2017 Crosby Postdoctoral Fellowship - Call for Applicants The W. Crosby Postdoctoral Fellowship supports exceptional early-career scientists with research interests in the fields of geology, geochemistry, or geobiology.Then you thumbs-up'd and thumbs-down'd certain statements into those profiles as a way of fine-tuning your Mirror Pool.

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This distributed research organization established in 1998 by NASA "to develop the field of astrobiology and provide a scientific framework for flight missions" has a sister "node" in EAPS at MIT Origins of Complex Life, and it was through this connection that Momper met EAPS professors Roger Summons, Tanja Bosak, and Greg Fournier and came up with the postdoctoral fellowship proposal that secured the Crosby Fellowship for her.

"My research focuses on using bacterial genome sequencing in the geologic past to constrain the dates when crucial metabolisms arose, for example oxygenic photosynthesis, the metabolism that has allowed complex life (including of course humans), to arise on our planet.

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Since filtering is a critical component in finding your Magical Match, lettings others know what you absolutely must/must not have in a partner is important in narrowing your mirror pool.Going back even further in time, we are also looking to pin down the advent of phototrophy, the metabolism used by every single green plant on our planet today, but originally, billions of years ago, a bacterial metabolism," Momper explains.So how can we use modern bacterial genomes to understand what happened billions of years ago?The Photo tool allows you to upload pictures to your Mirror Page. Start first by posting pictures of you so that your fellow members will know you when you show up for a date. The Mirror Index indicates how well you are mirrored to someone else.