Davao city dating site

11-Feb-2017 20:42

There’s also their bagnet salad (P335) made with pork belly (braised in the oven until tender then fried to crisp), and paired “tuyo”-infused dressing and tossed with fresh arugula.

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The restaurant's specialties (starting at P225) include maalas na baboy (a dish similar to pork binagoongan), binayong ajos, luy-a, tanglad na manok (literally garlic, ginger, and lemongrass chicken), and tinalumbong manok na curry sa gata (a local variation of chicken curry).

A generous selection of teas and layered coffee in Zabadani seals the deal.

Zabadani is located in Circumferential Road, Marfori, across Bioessence Spa.

The beautiful set-up in this file photo of Davao's Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar, one of many lovely spots to visit. Restaurant choices are crucial to the success of every dinner date – especially if it’s the first!

The food selections should be good enough to satisfy appetites, and dining environments should be conducive to stimulating interesting conversations.

The restaurant highlights "comfort food" by putting a premium on dishes that many Filipinos are already familiar with. It makes answering the question “what would you like to have? Varied food choices make it easy (and less awkward) for you to get along with your first date. Rekado's Kalderobo (starts at P300) melds the flavors of both.