David deangelo 77 laws of success with woman and dating

21-Feb-2017 23:50

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01 Law - Accept everything02 Law - Take responsibilty03 Law - Work on yourself04 Law - Evict your inner-wussy05 Law - Build selfimage06 Law - Move your frame inside07 Law - Stop making identity meaning08 Law - Eliminate failure09 Law - Compare success to self10 Law - Seek next level11 Law - Be high-status12 Law - Stop appologizing13 Law - Stop seeking approval14 Law - Stop giving approval15 Law - Stop trading status16 Law - Untangle17 Law - Surround yourself with18 Law - Know your purpose19 Law - Travel20 Law - Find your centre21 Law - Focus on innergame22 Law - Accept new change23 Law - Enjoy learning24 Law - Teach others25 Law - Never complain26 Law - Objectify your demons27 Law - Become selfish to become generous28 Law - Surround with succesmodels29 Law - Keep doing what works30 Law - Maintain composure31 Law - Prove deal with rejection32 Law - Long-term success33 Law - Enjoy yourself34 Law - value your time more35 Law - Develop your awerness36 Law - Control your emotions37 Law - Become Honest38 Law - Learn to identify social-status39 Law - Become an expert on self deception40 Law - Balance learning, practising, doing41 Law - Constantly improve yourself42 Law - Stop projecting43 Law - Replace negative habits with positive ones44 Law - Stop when losing control45 Law - Make your territory yours46 Law - Lead47 Law - Stop idealising women48 Law - Stop idealising relationships49 Law - Let her problems be her problems50 Law - Don't support her with money51 Law - Stop trying to impress52 Law - Take care of hygiene & posture53 Law - Eliminate ticks54 Law - Become the most interesting person55 Law - Set your life to meet interesting women56 Law - Behave as if you've got57 Law - Don't be boring or predictable58 Law - Learn to tell an interesting story59 Law - Learn C&F60 Law - Make friends with attractive women61 Law - Turn a woman on62 Law - Learn the mating process63 Law - Learn to read situations64 Law - Tease65 Law - Be honest and ethical66 Law - Set a boundary as soon as possible67 Law - See the true meaning68 Law - Engage her emotions and her body69 Law - Turn everything in to an adventure70 Law - Convince yourself that what's about to happen is fun71 Law - Leave her wanting more72 Law - Go back to the basics73 Law - Stop when losing power74 Law - Have 3 female friends75 Law - Make her want it more76 Law - Make conversations interesting for her77 Law - Become a renaissance man77 Laws - Outro No guest speakers.

More about De Angelo and his audio/video programs and ebooks: Angelo Watch a clip of the ACTUAL materials from the DVD version samlple commercials of the program in Windows Media, QT and Real Video formats: MP3 files (english only)Audio Book: David De Angelo - 77 Laws Of Success With Women And Dating .

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Instead, he contends that "attraction isn't a choice" -- women cannot be bribed into choosing to feel attraction.

David Deangelo's 77 Laws Of Success With Women And Dating David Deangelo's 77 Laws Of Success With Women And Dating 77Laws of Success with Women… continue reading »

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