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The Injury and Violence Prevention objectives for 2020 represent a broad range of issues which, if adequately addressed, will improve the health of the Nation.and a leading cause of disability for all ages, regardless of sex, race/ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.Back to Top Numerous determinants (factors) can affect the risk of unintentional injury and violence.The choices people make about individual behaviors, such as alcohol and drug use, or risk-taking, are often connected with factors in the social and physical environment and can increase injuries. Over the last five years of available data, 55% of women killed by intimate partners (including same-sex partners) were killed with guns.An analysis of gun homicide rates in developed countries— those considered “high-income” by the World Bank — found that the United States accounted for 46 percent of the population but 82 percent of the gun deaths.

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And unintentional shootings of children and teens are underreported in the CDC data, possibly because of the difficulty of characterizing a child’s intent after he or she has killed himself or a playmate with a firearm.Access to health services, such as systems created for injury-related care, ranging from prehospital and acute care to rehabilitation, can reduce the consequences of injuries, including death and long-term disability. Chapter 1 in Injury and violence prevention: Behavioral science theories, methods, and applications (pp 1-16). While not included as objectives in Healthy People 2020, there are several emerging issues in injury and violence prevention that need further research, analysis, and monitoring. The number of Americans injured with firearms dwarfs the number who are killed, although data to measure non-fatal shootings are less reliable.

The CDC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimates the number of annual non-fatal firearm injuries based on reports from a sample of hospital emergency departments: over the last five years, there were more than 200 non-fatal firearm injuries each day.

According to a study by the Department of Justice, between 19, federal, state, and local agencies conducted background checks on more than 180 million firearm applications and denied 2.82 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers. Though majority of the transactions and denials reported by FBI and BJS are associated with a firearm sale or transfer, a small number may be for concealed carry permits and other reasons not related to a sale or transfer.

Handbook of injury and violence prevention. New York Springer; 2007. Chapter 14, Changing the built environment to prevent injury; p. 257-76. 9 Brana CC, Cheney RA, MacDonald JM, Tam VW, Jackson TD, & Ten Have TR. 2011. A difference-in-differences analysis of health, safety, and greening vacant urban space.… continue reading »

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Violence is one of the leading causes of death in all parts of the world for persons ages 15 to 44. Krug EG et al. eds. World report on violence and health. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2002. Via CDC • A World Heath Organization report estimates the cost of interpersonal violence in the U. S. at more than $300 billion per year.… continue reading »

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