Define backdating options

13-Aug-2017 19:07

For me, I must follow what my spirit tells me is the right thing to do.

I can't live any other way even if I have to take a financial hit on occasion.

The Senior Management team you work for doesn't like you because you found their dirty laundry and a new management team doesn't like you because they're afraid that you'll find theirs.

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The management team was in no way happy with my findings or my recommendation and made it extremely uncomfortable for me to stay.Values define how we live and what we choose." I might reverse that sentence and say that how we live and what we choose define are real values.I love when he says, "That said, how do we form our values?I gave my two weeks notice without having another job lined up. I just couldn't hang out in this rotten, unethical energy environment for one day longer.