Define relative dating techniques

16-Jul-2017 07:20

Rocks are composed of chemical compounds naturally occurring in nature.Rocks are composed of particles ranging from microscopic grains to full sized crystals and crystal grains of different kinds of minerals, and containing many different identifiable physical characteristics.

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What are "rocks" and "minerals" - explain the differences. Describe essential concepts of chemistry related to earth materials. What is the chemical and mineral composition of the Earth's crust? List some common silicate and nonsilicate minerals. Describe and illustrate the "rock cycle" as it relates to processes and products. Describe basic geologic principles for interpreting landscape forming processes. On Earth, more than 4,000 minerals have been identified, however, of those fewer than 2 dozen are common minerals in Earth's physical environment (Figure 1-1 shows common rock-forming minerals).

Slow processes creating rocks can be inferred by observing reefs growing in the oceans, or sediments being carried by flowing water in streams or moved by waves crashing on beaches.

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