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So predation is the act of being a predator, catching and attacking.The noun predation is most commonly used to talk about groups like pirates or marauders who prey on innocent people. establish something as being earlier relative to something else Familiarity information: PREDATE used as a verb is uncommon.Explain: Background process that provides the option of entering the requested changes ("predating") and then automatically executing them with effects on in-force business when when the time model effective date is reached.

The business transaction does not become contract-relevant when the business process is released, but schedules itself as future-dated unscheduled processing in the time model.

Nature shows can be hard to watch when they show the predation of an animal on a smaller, cuter animal.

A predator is an animal that attacks a smaller, weaker animal, called the prey.

In Donald Ritchie explains, “Oral History collects memories and personal commentaries of historical significance through recorded interviews.

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An oral history interview generally consists of a well-prepared interviewer questioning an interviewee and recording their exchange in audio or video format.

of depraedari to plunder; de- praedari to plunder, praeda plunder, prey.