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Oh yes, he says, and that lady was here looking for you to kill you…..

Alfie is quite amused as mad-genius describes how he tried to dissuade Maricruz from killing him.

Clem reads the news and is shocked…only at her son’s madness but also at the madness of the critics, who think the portrait has merit…..

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(Oddly, though, she couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from the portrait. He asks mad-genius if he has seen “La Dama Desnuda” yet.

After all, it will show Oblivio that she is now prettier than ever. I will let my destiny guide me.” In other words, no more good intentions. Maricruz is so despondent she is resigned to having to work “attending to clients.” She will be whatever she has to be, she says.

Juanita begs her not to do anything degrading, but Maricruz believes there’s nothing more degrading that what already happened to her.

Maricruz and Lupita pay a visit to Solita and her huge baby bump….. Ugh.)Meanwhile, Clem is declaring to Mechita that she NOW believes that her son is a libertine. SMH.) Mechita says yes, “a libertine…and the best,” wink, wink. She looks happier and more relaxed now that she is back at her hotel, chatting with Juanita about her visit with her sister, who is happy and finally receiving from her own mother all that she didn’t get in the past. Looking forward to seeing Solita and her baby bump.

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Turns out neither the parrot nor her mom are around, but somehow Solita managed to hear the doorbell and greeted them at the door. Maricruz asks if she is happy; she nods yes and asks if Maricruz is happy too; Maricruz pretends she is happy and quickly changes the subject to the parrot; Solita gestures to Lupita, asking with her hands what’s up with Oblivio. She tells Solita she is there to find out about her, how she is doing, if they treat her well. (Maricruz earns brownie points for personally feeding Lupita some yummy fruit while she chats with Juanita.) Juanita asks if she still plans to go searching for a new job, any kind of job. So, Solita is close enough for MC to go visit within one afternoon? I hear there's a rich lady with a deaf daughter, and two grandkids, and a monkey to take care of... I haven't seen the previews, so I guess I have something to look forward to for my recap today (not really, I'm just trying to think positive thoughts).The mood changes quickly when mad-genius informs him that the German art collector was there too.Mechita shows up at Clem’s house with a suitcase, runs to her, embraces her and cries like a little girl, telling her she ran away from home because her mom hit her…..The collector ups the ante by raising his offer for “Liberacion” and a few other paintings. (Snort.)Alfie greets his mama and asks what she hid from him when they spoke on the phone. “The girlfriend you kidnapped and seduced, you scoundrel.” She demands that he “face up” to his responsibilities and marry Mechita immediately.

Dec 2, 2013. He asks mad-genius if he has seen “La Dama Desnuda” yet. bemoaning to the camera from She Who Will Not Be Named.don't think I'll panic if I don't get. Although I was rooting for the Luv Guv, he never stood a chance.… continue reading »

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