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She got involved with a “bad boy”, dropped out of medical school, slept with a married man and got pregnant accidentally with a friend.When Julie was young, her, her mother and her father moved to Wisteria Lane into their new home.Unfortunately, Susan was about to discover that no such creature existed.Julie Alexandra Mayer is the eldest child of Susan Delfino and Karl Mayer.They go to the dance together and Zach gets her a corsage.Julie thinks that he is being sweet, but he becomes very possessive.Growing up, Julie was the perfect child for Susan; she was often seen as the mother in their relationship as she cooked, cleaned and even gave her mother dating advice.She seemed to be a happy child to others, but secretly her childhood had damaged her significantly, causing her to lose control in later life.

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Many years later, Karl was unhappy with his wife and daughter so left them for his secretary, Brandi, leaving Susan single and devastated.Paul tells Zach the truth about Dana, and Zach blackmails him into staying on Wisteria Lane so that he can be with Julie.Susan confides in Julie that she doesn't want to have more kids, after Mike says he can't wait to have his own.Susan lies and tells Mike that she has a clog in her drain so that he can come and fix it, Julie helps her clog it and they stuff her homework project of the Trojan horse down the drain.