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Akhtar attempts this separation as well, Muslims are not entitled to claim that 'Allah is Love' or 'Allah is Wisdom.' Only adjectival descriptions are attributed to the divine being, and these merely as they bear on the revelation of Gods will for man. What can be described about Allah is his will, not his being, nature or essence.

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Muslims seek to separate the revelation of Allahs will, as found in the Quran, from the revelation of Allah himself.Muslims do not believe that God would have an interest in a personal relationship of love and friendship with man, much less that he actually would enter into human history for the purpose of establishing, or rather re-establishing, such a relationship....According to Muslims, divinity and humanity are totally exclusive entities.There are many differences between the attributes of God and Allah.

First, there is the attribute of knowability, the idea that human beings may know God and enjoy a personal relationship with the Creator.They consider the Christian assertion that man was created in God's own image to be blasphemous." However, this Muslim view of Allahs transcendence and unknowability should be understood as being an ideal only, for in practice the Muslim treatment of Allah only imperfectly attributes transcendence to him.As stated above by al-Faruqi, you may not have complete transcendence and self-revelation at the same time.They believe God really could not have entered into human life and that the relationship with God enjoyed by Christians is impossible.

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