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Amen.” Vickie’s breath caught in her throat as her crying took over her body, wracking her with heavy sobs.

Father Kelly placed an arm across her shoulder but Vickie shrugged it away.

They were spread out as if in flight but scarred and battered, dripping blood graphically around his back.

“I who am the joys and pleasures of life which strong men battle for,” he said softly, his voice barely a whisper in the darkness.

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“I forgive you.” After blessing and anointing him the priest spoke softly in words she couldn’t comprehend before finally blessing himself again.

Title: Ángel de la Muerte Author: Skinfull Rating: NC 17 Classification: MT Case file, X A Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, no harm. Authors Notes: Quotes from The Holy Bible and The Satanic Bible.

Summary: A man on death row has found a connection to the outside world. I don’t believe in god or the devil so none of this was meant to offend.

The soft footfall of the guard approaching his cell made him look up and Marcos turned his head in time to see Kevin Patterson watching him through the bars. ” “Yes.” Marcos levered his legs off the mattress and stood to face him fully, his fingers keeping his page in the bible. Marcos stood up from his bed, walked over to the sink and placed the bible on the floor by his feet.

He turned the pages to find the passage he wanted and slowly closed his eyes.On his back a colorful tattoo marred his smooth skin.The large picture of a bloodied pair of angel wings covered his back, reaching across his scapula from one shoulder-blade to the other.He unbuttoned the prison issue denim shirt and tossed it onto the mattress behind him.