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However, right before they revealed that the director's cut is in the works, Andres Muschietti noted that there was one scene that he found difficult to cut out of the There's a great scene, it's a bit of a payoff of the Stanley Uris plot which is the bar mitzvah, where he delivers a speech against all expectations...

it's basically blaming all the adults of Derry [for the town's history of deadly 'accidents' and child disappearances], and it has a great resolution... 's home release date hasn't been announced yet, given the standard timeframe with movies nowadays transitioning from theaters to Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD, one would imagine that the horror hit will be available for purchase this winter.

So there's plenty to work with for a director's cut and that gives an actual reason for director Andy Muschietti to do one.

This doesn't feel like a simple cash grab by the studio. However, this is starting to feel like a bit of a cash grab in another respect, even though, artistically, an is currently available to download on digital platforms and the Blu-ray/DVD release is coming in just a couple of weeks.

Of that fabled scene, Skarsgård said: “I’m not gonna spoil what the scene is, because we might use it [in the sequel].

In its 14th year, The ONE Paper Fashion Show™ shined light on Denver talent and is the largest of its kind presenting wearable art in motion to over 800 attendees.That means quite a few fans of the movie are going to rush out and buy it.However, there's this director's cut coming in a few months. is going to release another "deluxe edition" of some kind later in 2018?Muschietti was recently asked about the possible director's cut on Instagram and he did confirm that such a version of Blu-ray, which releases on January 9, is loaded with special features but, most importantly, it has 11 deleted scenes.

This is very important when it comes to this director's cut, as there's a lot of footage that didn't make it into the theatrical version of the movie.BD speculates that there are other deleted scenes, not included on the January release, that are being held back to entice fans to purchase the film twice.While double-dips are nothing new, and there’s certainly nothing forcing fans to buy either edition, it’s still a disappointing practice.Bloody Disgusting reached out to director Andy Muschietti and inquired about a possible director’s cut of the film, to which Muschietti replied, “Yes, but in a few months.” In other words, it sounds like you may want to wait on picking up that Blu-ray release of This is both good and bad news.