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is a show on TNT set in Boston with two of the department's hardest working women cracking the city's most gruesome murders.

These two friends are as different from one another as can be.

Based on the Rizzoli/Isles novels by Tess Gerritsen.

In today’s society, men have to deal with many unwritten expectations when in a relationship with a woman.

Joey has to move back in with Chandler, which is convenient really because Chandler doesn’t want to live with Eddie any more.

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If he would have taken this advice to avoid oral sex, he wouldn't be at death's door." class="shutterset_never-perform-cunnilingus"A new study has linked throat cancer in males to certain strains of HPV present in a large percentage of woman.

Julie and Monica go shopping together and lie to Rachel, who is really mean about Julie at every opportunity.