Dreamweaver cs3 template not updating

25-Jan-2017 15:46

Currently the code represents the lay out of sliced up images for the web banner and some map tags surrounding the locations of where a button would link you to something else.

However, I do not know where to place the link tags so the map locations actually link you to something else. Code: This will be hard for me to explain so I will add an image: thanks Hi I have been starring at thie code too long and now i need to look for help!

dreamweaver cs3 template not updating-30

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My current site is But whenever I write something to the iframe and it expands the navigation bar also does, making it look like ****...and when i do use it, seems like the only feature to use is "layers" ( i think this "is" div ).so currently i'm thinking that dreamweaver is built for tables. Shoot, now i feel like i've spent so much money and now is barely using the program anymore( execpt for the typing tool tip). Can't remember how I did this the first time: I need some jpg images to go into my images folder.Now my problem was that when I tried to create something like this with dreamweaver it made those ugly looking draggable things.