Eclipse updating maven dependencies waiting

25-Jan-2017 16:36

eclipse updating maven dependencies waiting-87

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If you have changed something in the Maven-skin source code, you can deploy it simply by executing Now the current version of the Maven-skin will be replaced by your updated version.

NOTE: This can lead to problems for others, who want to build their sites with the updated skin, because the local version of the skin will not be automatically updated.

In order to tell Maven how to use it, you have to change your file, which can be found in | Please incorborate the instructions into this page Take a look for the walkthrough for Linux (adaptable for Windows as well).

Please remind, for the WPS software you'll need additional repositories.

However for our development we need our own repository.

You can try to force a redownload of the library by deleting the whole folder from the console, which often solves these kinds of problems and less prone to errors during downloading.

The Maven-skin sources are located at: Install the skin locally simply with If you are going to update the Maven-skin version, you will also have to update the 52n parent project located at: Install the parent locally with The basic layout for all community sites is generated using Apache Velocity (

Take a look here (under "Installation of the service (CVS and maven instructions)").

After dowloading the files from the remote repository you can continue with loading the dependencies and optionally integrate you local copy into eclipse.Execute the following command: mvn -Declipse.workspace= eclipse:add-maven-repo file. then trace repeats multiple times If you have any working solution how to add this parameter to the POM, please share it! -- Eike Hinderk Juerrens - 2014-04-16 I get the error: If maven cannot find the or on of the 52files, you need to add the 52North repository to your settings-file. -- Jan Torben Heuer - i get the error: D:\workspace\common\src\main\java\org\n52\swe\common\types\IAny[4 1,30] generics are not supported in -source 1.3 (use -source 5 or higher to enable generics) public interface IAny Numerical The current stable release of Maven (2.0.9) does not allow to specify more than one proxy server which is a problem if you need to deploy releases, snapshots, and sites from behind a proxy via webdav with https, while other urls need to be accessed via simple http.Then right click on the folder and select "Check out as Maven Project..." and follow the (few) steps in the Wizard. JCTree$JCMethod Invocation.accept( at tools. I created patches for Maven 2.0.10-RC6 ( and the maven site-plugin 2.0-beta-7 ( that allows to specify more than one proxy.You can skip this step if it fails and you just want to get the project into eclipse.