Effects of dating foreign women

30-Jul-2017 20:17

These international corporations contribute to the economy in a very different way.

On the island of Nosy Be, for instance, where fishing is big business, women found themselves turning to prostitution as a last resort when the most lucrative jobs went to foreign nationals."In Nosy Be a lot of women had come to work in a shrimp factory, and when the factory started shedding labor, the unemployed became prostitutes.

New research shows that, at least for the Sami people of preindustrial Finland, men should marry a woman almost 15 years their junior to maximize their chances of having the most offspring that survive.

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Marriage customs or the availability of reindeer to support a new family (the Sami people are reindeer herders) might be the reason that more Sami marriages did not display the optimum age difference, Helle says."Wealth was the most important factor in a [Sami] marriage," Helle notes.Prostitution is rising to dangerous levels in the African island nation of Madagascar, and this has become one of the most visible signifiers of the country's political and economic breakdown over the last three years.Germaine Razafindravao, a member of one sex worker organization, told IRIN that prostitution was an easy trade to fall into."Girls come from the countryside to work as maids," she said.

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"Then, when they have a problem with their employer, other girls from the region introduce them to prostitution."But the increase in prostitution is not limited to Toamasina -- all over the country, many women see no choice but to pursue this dangerous line of work.

"We found that marrying women 14.6 years younger maximized men's lifetime reproductive success—in other words, the number of offspring surviving to age 18." The researchers did this by examining church records of 700 marriages from the Utsjoki, Inari and Enontekiö populations from the 17th through 19th centuries (in order to eliminate the effects of modern medicine on child survival).