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BOOKS FOR COUNTY LIBRARIES In keeping with the mission of our organization, funds from membership and the convention are used to purchase informative quilt books for County Libraries to benefit members and potential members of the Wyoming State Quilt Guild.

Tauna Leathers is the current Committee Chair for the Books for County Libraries.

Hallmarks of this era are two color prints and prints with less fine detailing than those from earlier in the 1800s.

Many of these prints are on a solid rather than a detailed background.

The color palette of red, brown, black, navy, and the lighter "cadet blue" is pretty common for these decades.

The reds, as here, can be quite bright by comparison to reds earlier in the 1800s.

A book I find very helpful for learning about fabrics through the decades is Dating Fabrics: A color guide 1800-1960 by Eileen Trestain.

She invites recommendations for books and those suggestions are brought before the WSQG Board for approval.

Book plates are placed in the books to note that they have been donated by the Wyoming State Quilt Guild.

Beautiful utilitarian textiles from around the world, made by traditional linking, looping, knotting, and wrapping techniques.

I am always amazed at the gorgeous creations that can be made with simple tools, or no tools at all.The so-called "mourning prints", black on white prints with enough patterning to look like black and grey, also date to this era.There are also some "double pinks" which were popular for so many decades that they are not a very good time marker.It has pages and pages of swatch-sized photos for each stylistic era, arranged according to color.

Dating Fabrics A Color Guide 1800 – 1960, by Eileen Jahnke Trestain, 1998, American Quilter's Society. Also Dating Fabrics A Color Guide 1950 -2000, by.… continue reading »

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