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The data adapter has a Fill Error event that occurs during a fill method.It allows a user to determine whether a fill operation should continue.Anyway, the problem isn't that it can't be done 'manually' - but rather that there are a myriad of ways that you can hook up custom link/command processing and they are all similar but yet quite different.None of them feels natural to me, so quite frequently - especially if I haven't written that code in a while - I spent way more time than I should rediscovering what approach I should use the hard way.Ok, now it's time to write an application to test the data adapter events.

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The Row Updated event occurs when a command executed.So I'm taking a few minutes - for my own sake - to write this stuff down so I can look it up next time I have a brain fart Using a Button Field you can specify a Command Name which in turn provides the On Row Command event some context as to what type of operation you are dealing with in Code Behind.In Code Behind you have to do a bit of work though if you want to retrieve the proper context from a Data Item.The event handler receives an argument of type Fill Error Event Args, which contains data related to this event.