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05-Jul-2017 08:05

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If everything is scarce, then scarcity itself lacks its value and people become too used to it.

Studies of retail sales have shown that if more than about 30% of goods have ‘sale’ sticker on them, the effectiveness of this method decreases.” Human behavior is such that we are likelier to purchase something if we’re informed that it’s the very last one or that a special deal will soon expire. For instance, researchers showed through four studies that scarcity has a stronger positive effect on product evaluation when salience of persuasion knowledge is low, frequency of exposure to scarcity claims is low, decision reversibility is high, and cognitive load is high.

Thumbs up to for displaying this information accurately, clearly, and persuasively. And I’m sure you’ve noticed the warning of “only _ left in stock” This, in combination with the urgency play for shipping (“want it tomorrow? From their copy, to their branding, to their social presence, they kill it.

”), is an effective way of getting me to take action and avoid the loss of that rare book I had my eye on. And they make wonderful use of limited time product.

examples of dating issues-85

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Half of the women were told the guy was single and the other half were told he was in a relationship.

This makes sense in a traditional economic way, where less supply and more demand drives up prices. When mom said you couldn’t have a toy, didn’t you want it more?

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