Family photographs and dating and fashion

09-Mar-2017 20:38

Sometimes photographs submitted to this column come with extensive explanations of the images while others are accompanied by a plaintive question for clues to identify the person and time frame.

In this case, the owner, James Burroughs, would like to know when it was taken to help him assign a name to this image.

There are some good, easy tricks which you will learn in this workshop-format presentation.

Please bring photographs with you to the lecture and we will all try to date them for you using the techniques outlined in the presentation.

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The type of photograph can place your photograph in a specific time period.

Buttons as a design element were popular in the early 20th century.

Here they appear as ornamentation to highlight the placket leading from the collar as well as the center seam of the dress.

A few well-placed pleats in the bodice and the skirt add interest to the dress.

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There is no doubt that this young woman thoughtfully put together this outfit.But the pendant earrings were more in style in the latter half of the 1850s.The style of collar, a Jenny Lind, adds to the confusion as it was popular from the late 1840s through the early half of the 1850s.Many people have unidentified photos in their collection.

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