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ALEX: But the reason we’re talking about it is because we have a story this week from producer Carla Green. What it actually did was convince the French government to distribute a 0 computer to every French household with a phone number.

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Those chatrooms quickly became the single biggest reason people logged on.CARLA: This is a TV ad for a chat room called Le Diable au Corps, or “The Devil Inside.” It’s just a still photo of a woman looking suggestively over her shoulder, and the phone number for the server. CARLA: Jean Marc, as you can probably tell, is a man.And he, along with thousands of other students and struggling artists, was a Minitel animatrice.There was such a disconnect between me and the commuters, who were half-asleep.

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And I wondered if the people I’d been talking with all night were there, among the commuters, right in front of me.

But what I do know is that the Minitel cost money, and the longer you were connected, the more expensive it was.