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Gentlemen, this could generate enough income to wipe out four years of lawsuits and damage control and unpleasant infighting. The Senior Board Member sighs heavily, feeling like a traitor. Dieter, sweat-soaked, guzzles water from a canteen. A BABY TYRANNOSAUR, about four and a half feet long, is in the center of the nest. ROLAND (shakes his head no) If the nest is upwind, so are we. NICK speaks up, looking through binoculars of his own. THROUGH THE BINOCULARS, he sees ROLAND, who’s walking with AJAY, weapons and equipment slug over their shoulders. Its considerable hindquarter SLAMS into a parked jeep. The jeep flattens the largest tent and SLAMS down on its side. In the distance, a flock of birds SHRIEK and takes flight as the tops of some trees move, a whole section of forest suddenly coming alive, as if brushed by wind. There is another ROAR and the baby, in Malcolm’s arms, ROARS in response. One “no” from anybody in the group and you turn around right there, no questions asked, nobody embarrassed. Malcolm goes to the desk and picks up the radio microphone. This time the entire trailer rolls over, completely upside down. Nothing else could ever have made you come to this island. You need an anvil to fall on your head before you get it? The Veterinarian goes flying forward and crashes into - - - - CARTER, Dieter’s driver, who stumbles and falls.

And so the facility sits unused, unfinished, when it could be completed and ready to receive visitors in two to four weeks. Maguire, please poll the members by a show of hands. If he’s to be believed, it’s a most, uh, unique expedition. ROLAND Well, I’m a very well-funded old son of a bitch. The Most Obnoxious Tourist bellows for the Waitress. He marks a black X over the card with the drawing of the carinthosaur. It’s flattened inside, about ten feet in diameter, completely encircled by earthen walls. MALCOLM I can’t believe Peter Ludlow’s running all this. Malcolm takes his binoculars and peers down at the camp. Now really upset, the animal panics and lashes out in all directions, blasting through tents, demolishing and/or setting ablaze anything that gets in its way. 77 EXT HIGH HIDE NIGHT From the swaying jungle, there is another answering ROAR. In the high hide, Eddie and Kelly, stare trembling. They whirl and look to the window, just in time to see - - - -the AAV tumbling by, rolling on its side! You stop the van every two miles and decide whether or not you feel lucky. All three of them say “no” at once, then burst out laughing. BANGS back down, and is quickly RAMMED again by the furious animal. The rex snaps its massive head left and right quickly, to break its victim’s neck.

Her arm dips a bit under the weight, but it’s not that heavy, and she holds it up easily. Enchanted, Cathy breaks into an enormous grin and turns her head, calling back over her shoulder. LUDLOW These pictures were taken in a hospital in Costa Rica forty-eight hours ago, after an American family on a yacht cruise stumbled onto Site B. Her parents, however, are wealthy, angry, and very fond of lawsuits. (takes a paper from the file) Wrongful death settlements, partial list: family of Donald Gennaro, 36.5 million dollars; family of John Arnold, 23 million; family of Robert Muldoon, 12.6 million. Demolition, de-construction, and disposal of Isla Nublar facilities, organic and inorganic, one hundred and twenty-six million dollars. You have sat patiently and listened to ecology lectures while Mr. You have watched your stock drop from seventy-eight and a quarter to nineteen flat with no good end in sight. I need to show them in their natural habitat to stir up emotional support for keeping that island pristine. Believe me, the research team will take every possible pre— Malcolm stands, resolute, making a decision. And for all our sakes, whoever you’ve got for protection had better be good. ROLAND A true hunter doesn’t mind if the animal wins. But there weren’t enough escapes from you and me, Ajay. The sedated animal staggers, fighting to retain its balance while it is surrounded by wary Wranglers. It thrashes, but the Wranglers hold their poles tightly, surrounding and immobilizing it. Dieter turns a knob on the side of the steel rod he’s holding and thrusts it into the defenseless animal’s neck. He flips to a particular page and turns it around, showing a picture of the fossilized footprint. Cape buffalo are delicately engraved along its silver breech. AJAY Do you wish to go where the animal has been, or where the animal is? MALCOLM Your work has been invalidated by their presence. The carinthosaur that was tranquilized earlier stands there dully, eyes heavy and glassy, still under the effects. And finally they reach the largest cage, which houses a triceratops the size of a pickup truck. A predator must have driven them off the cliff, so I’m afraid they are, once again, extinct. 78 INT TRAILER NIGHT There is a radio box mounted on the far wall of the trailer. But the baby rex, regaining its strength, is thrashing again. Quick injection of antibiotics and I can get it out of here! Now panic hits as the sleeping HUNTERS wake up and start to flee in all direction. Roland, gun to his shoulder, has it right on the bead at the end of his gun sight. He takes off, running straight toward them, but the wave of flushed prey SLAMS into him, knocking him off his feet. But he is pounded to the ground and trampled under the feet of the fleeing Hunters. NICK bursts out of the crowed, sees Kelly and Sarah struggling to get out of the sleeping bag, and grabs each by an arm.

The compy gets closer still - - - - and hops nimbly up onto Cathy’s palm. A SENIOR BOARD MEMBER, seventyish, nods to the television. We don’t see the pictures, only the wincing faces of the Board Members as they pass them around. LUDLOW (cont’d) This corporation has been bleeding from the throat for four years. We can come forward, together, with ironclad proof of their existence. DNA splicing, the cloning, the births - - HAMMOND Only in captivity! MALCOLM (cont’d) You didn’t mention the name of the paleontologist. You wan to leave your name on something, fine, but stop putting it on other peoples’ graves! She’s spent years studying African predators, she knows what she’s doing. AJAY I have reason to believe you’d find this challenging. These days, it’s a more serious crime to shoot a tiger than to shoot your own parents. The Waitress comes to the Tourists’ table and the Most Obnoxious Tourist actually paws her ass. Ahead of him, the carinthosaur is still on its feet. The Wranglers adjust their poles, extending them another three feet, which allows them to stay further from the feeling, ten foot tall animal. Almost as one, the Wranglers flip their nooses over the stunned animal’s neck. Ludlow steps up next to Dieter and both of them stare down at the helpless animal. The animal is still thrashing, pumping its legs crazily. Picked off a calf - - that’s this smaller set of tracks that disappears. Nearly a hundred years old, its rosewood stock is worn buttery smooth, but is nicked and scarred by two lifetimes of campaigns. Ajay takes a step into the bush, but at a ninety degree angle away from the direction in which the animal tracks lead. ROLAND (cont’d) I’m no tracker, but even I can read this spoor. Kelly and I are going back to the trailers with Eddie to send the radio call for the boat. SARAH We haven’t come close to finishing our work yet. He drops his pack on a rock and ZIPS it open, pulling out some of the tools he loaded back in the garage - - a bolt cutter. They continue across the camp and arrive at the other side - - - - to face the caged animals. BURKE That evidence of thanatocoenses I thought I saw from the helicopter was in fact the remains of the ankylosaur herd. As he talks, whatever is moving in the trees gets closer still, until the trees right under the hide stir as the animal passes right below them. On the table, Sarah is frantically molding Nick’s bubble gum into place on the makeshift splint. SARAH Get the bottle of amoxicillin and fill a syringe! As the shirt dangles there, swinging softly from side to side, we notice the broad red smear across the front. 137 IN THE CAMPSITE, Roland and Malcolm are back in the clearing, standing out in the open as Roland tries to draw a bead on the moving rex. The rex turns, to face the fleeing Hunters, and its head is now exposed. Malcolm, meanwhile, sees the sleeping bag across the camp, and Sarah and Kelly trying to claw their way out of it.

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The fire has spread and several tents are now tongues of flame flapping in the air, the animals are gone or going, and their personnel are scattered and terrified. He holds up the snapped padlock from one of the animal cages. Cut to: 65 EXT JUNGLE NIGHT SARAH races back up onto the ridge trail, where the green AAV is parked. SARAH Nick, thank God, I didn’t know if - - She opens the door. 74 INT TRAILER NIGHT Nick and Sarah are still working. SARAH (thinking) It has to be temporary, something that’ll break apart and fall off as the animal grows . 81 EXT TRAILERS NIGHT Seen from outside, the light inside the trailers clearly illuminates Sarah and Malcolm as they carry the baby rex. Outside, the enormous rex head pause for a moment, staring surprised. SARAH (softly) Born free, as free as the wind blows. In the chaos, Malcolm manages to get hold of Sarah’s pack and tears it open. Sarah falls through, SCREAMING, but Malcolm lunges - - - - AND CATCHES HER BY THE HAND! glass, food, lab equipment, and the precious satellite phone fall out of the broken window and SMASH on the rocks far below. ROLAND (cont’d) The worker village is down in there, about a mile and a half northwest from the base of these cliffs. 141 BEHIND THE WATERFALL, there is a small recess, which is what Nick had hoped for. Burke, blind with panic, forces himself even further into the cave, which pushes Kelly further out. But Burke doesn’t listen, throwing elbows to make room for himself. A large bush, maybe twelve feet tall, is moving, its branches swaying and shaking. The doors WHOOSH open, spit out some COMMUTERS and suck up a few more. Up on the ridge, MALCOLM has his hand securely around SARAH’S waist as she stands near the edge of the ridge, looking down at the scene through binoculars. 62 AT THE EDGE OF CAMP, Nick takes advantage of the downed lasers to slip past the borders of the camp and disappear into the jungle in one direction, while Sarah vanishes in the other. CUT TO: 69 EXT JUNGLE NIGHT The AAV SLAPS through the jungle foliage. He furrows his brow, watching them pull the wounded animal from the back seat. 72 INT TRAILER NIGHT KELLY and MALCOLM have the logbook open and are running a finger down a column of numbers. He’s almost there when - - - - SARAH and NICK burst through the door of the trailer, carrying the SCREAMING infant with them. Her shirt is streaked with blood from the baby’s injured leg. Nick tightens his grip on the animal and Sarah makes an injection into its thigh, over its loudly voiced objections. A green and white skeletal image appears on a monitor next to the table. MALCOLM What do I have to do with you people, hit you with a stick? There are ropes tied to the four corners of the hide, for quick descents, and Malcolm now hurls one of the ropes over the edge. She grabs hold of him, holding on to his arm with both hands. Kelly, please - - I’m sorry - - He has to literally pry her fingers loose from his arm. The baby rex, calm for the firs time, GURGLES back. SARAH That’s impossible, they can’t have the sensory equipment to track it all the way here! His eyes widen at something he sees outside the window. The three of the crawl like hell towards the front of the trailer. Slowly, she tries to get up, carefully pulling herself up to her hands and knees. NICK crawls down and reaches for the satellite phone, its antenna just six inches from his outstretched fingers. 127 EXT CAMPSITE NIGHT The group has made camp in the jungle. MALCOLM is next to her, stroking her hair, talking to her softly. 140 DOWN IN THE RAVINE, it’s obvious no one is going to outrun the rex, and Nick knows it. CATHY Please be quiet, please be quiet, please be quiet . A RUSTLING sound draws her attention, and she turns, toward where the thick jungle foliage gives way to the sand. It starts slowly, guiltily, but every hand in the room goes up. Hammond, furious, raises his right hand, which holds a remote control, and points it at the TV screen. 6 INT NEW YORK SUBWAY NIGHT A subway THUNDERS into a station underneath Manhattan. Roland raises a bandana to his nose to cover the stench. ROLAND (cont’d) - - is to get him to come where we want him. At the other end, there is a row of at least a dozen “capture containers,” cages that hold the fruits of their roundup. The blue laser barriers bounce crazily and go out as the sending units are trampled underfoot by the fleeing animals. She leans over the enraged animal and cranks up its window. He yanks the night-vision binoculars away from his face as he spots the AAV, pulling up to the base camp a couple hundred yards away. He reaches out to the frequency modulator and turns the dial, whizzing through various NOISE and STATIC on his way to the appropriate number. Malcolm’s jaw drops open but no words come out as Sarah and Nick bring the baby rex to the metal dining table and hold it down. Sarah yanks open a drawer of medical supplies, holding a small syringe. Sarah picks up a small ultrasound transducer and runs it over the animal’s leg. MALCOLM This is the safest place you can be, believe me! 76 INT TRAILER NIGHT Nick holds the animal while Sarah fits an aluminum foil cuff around its injured leg and paints it with a coating of resin. The rex outside GURGLES, making maternal cooing noises. He cranks his head to get a look at the direction in which they are being pushed. On the word “cliff” Sarah snaps her head towards Malcolm, utter panic raking her face. She shifts her weight, leaning on one hand to reach for the grating with the other. He drops, fifteen feet, landing hard in the ravine. HAMMOND (cont’d) There are some corporate issues that are not about the bottom line. You signed a non-disclosure agreement before you went to the island that expressly forbid you from discussing anything you saw. JOHN HAMMOND lies in the bed we saw earlier, on the other side of the room. HAMMOND When you have a lot of time to think, it’s funny who you remember. It’s the quality of our opponents that gives our accomplishments meaning. That island has to be quarantined and contained, immediately! Get the Department of Biological Preserves to seal off the island. They should’ve died after seven days without supplemental enzymes. The carnivores are isolated in the interior of the island, so the team will stay on the outer rim. Hammond picks up a thick file folder from the night table next to him and opens it on his lap. You should be going in there with the National Guard! Ask any animal behaviorist, the best results come from the lowest impact, the animals shouldn’t even know you’re there. Attempting to control the environment is where I went wrong the first time, you told me so yourself. If you want to observe them, you do it safely, by satellite, or helicopter, but you don’t just barge in there with a camcorder! Malcolm looks at him - - “you’re out of your mind.” MALCOLM Do you even listen when I speak? MALCOLM (he dreads, but he knows) Who are you talking about? She was adamant about making the initial foray by herself. After you were injured in the park, she sought you out, didn’t she, traveled all the way down to the hospital in Costa Rica at ask someone she didn’t even know if the rumors were true! The motorcycle spins to a stop beside it, its DRIVER pushing his mask up to reveal his sweat and dirt-streaked face. 56 EXT JUNGLE CLEARING NIGHT It’s the baby T-rex, still SCREECHING. The light of the camp spills all the way out here, illuminating some of the jungle. 57 EXT HUNTERS’ CAMP NIGHT Back in the camp, SARAH and NICK have finished with all the vehicles and the motor pool area is now soggy lake of spilled gasoline. He finds a comfortable resting place in the branches and settles back, studying the night trees around him 130 IN THE CLEARING, Malcolm walks across the center of the clearing, listening carefully, studying the jungle trees, trying to sense any danger. Burke leaps out of the way as Roland kicks dirt on the fire. They get it out and stand there, chests heaving, listening to the jungle for a moment, to see if its stirred any activity. The rex sniffs and nudges the bag, trying to figure out what this thing is.

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