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(Blume actually used the word "masturbation" so I was able to make the connection). Woman C: No, I didn't actually understand what it was until I was probably 9 or 10. Woman B: Just your classic finger-clitoral stimulation. Woman A: It's still the same, but I no longer lay on my stomach. Woman C: Very fast if there is something or someone else there, i.e., masturbating in front of my boyfriend or porn. If there is nothing else happening — by myself, nothing to see and/or hear, closer to 20 minutes. Woman A: I am capable of coming from sex without fingering my clitoris but I don't usually choose to. On average every three to five minutes after the initial orgasm.

Just, "Hey, check out this cool thing I discovered," like it was a new game. Has it changed over the years or do you still masturbate the way you did when you first started? I didn't try anything new on my own, but once I knew other things felt better, they were incorporated. Woman B: If I'm in a time crunch I could probably have a go in about five minutes? Woman C: Pretty fast, 5 to 10 minutes, but I usually come multiple times during sex.

During adolescence, it is normal for young people to feel nervous or unsure about their developing bodies and sexual feelings.

Mixed messages and misinformation about masturbation from their parents, friends and the media can make them more anxious.

‘Normal’ ranges from several times a day, week or month to not masturbating at all.

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Masturbation can also happen between two people (mutual masturbation), which can be a very intimate experience.Do you use your imagination, watch porn, look at pictures, or ... Woman A: I definitely watch porn, another thing I feel guilty about because a lot of the porn industry is so fucked up, and I don't, like, pay to watch ethical porn or anything. The mental and emotional aspects make it way more interesting. Woman A: I watch a lot of lesbian porn, but I find it pretty unrealistic most of the time, which isn't very hot. I also love James Deen (like any other straight-ish girl). Woman B: If straight, I enjoy a good male authority figure role play (teacher, boss, etc). Totally a result of not really exploring my sexuality until now. I feel guilty because I know the odds of me finding something where all parties are really happy to be doing what they're doing for an anonymous audience are incredibly slim. We talk about techniques, if we use vibrators or not, how long it takes to get off (basically most of the questions this survey asked). Some of my friends still get really uncomfortable talking about it. If I had known that other girls were masturbating I wouldn't have waited as long as I did to do it myself!But I also tend to enjoy most lesbian porn (meaning two women, not porn for lesbians) that doesn't focus as much as being as raunchy as possible? Do you talk about masturbation with female friends? In high school, guys would joke about masturbation all the time and everyone would laugh. But if I would have made a joke about that I'm sure I would have been shipped off to Nun Island.It's the famous Hitachi Magic Wand and it's too rough for me.

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