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To add insult to injury, LA fitness calls me daily because my I had to cancel my bank account and credit cards due to this theft and my account is due to be drafted.

I’ve explained it and told them not to call again and I would do it online when I get my new cards.

The message is clear that LA Fitness doesn’t care about its customers, just the money. I am rebuilding my life from the ground up and feel vulnerable. I’m apprehensive about my credit card on your site.

I posted it on a a neighborhood website and I got about 30 responses about others who experienced losses there and no concern from management. I wanted to pay for the whole year but was told I could not!!!! I’m 75 years old and think we deserve a little consideration.

They say they are making a note in my file not to call me.

Still they call and now, they say they are calling to confirm the note. It would be nice if management was as diligent as the collection call centers. Reply Garden City Park NY Tried to join with AARP was told I had to pay monthly with a credit card.

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Do I go to another franchise or can this be resolved.

So I then requested a record from her of my attendance & she basically stated that HR is aware of what happen & she told me to stop calling her & messenging her. The day before her letting me go I asked her if I needed a couple of days off due to my son having major surgery at the end of May, when should I submit it & then the next day she let’s me go using my personal issues & attendance as a reason which was lies & discrimination.

Back when I first started with the company I was approached by Jackie & asked by her if I could do the 5am to 11am shift & she would up my pay from 14 an hour to 16 an hour cause it was an early shift & no one wanted to cover it so I said sure & I was there everyday not absent for one shift.

This club doesn’t want my business so I left and joined planet fitness. As of this date, June 2, 2018 the fee for my monthly membership and my trainer fee is still being deducted from my checking account. I have since developed some real breathing problems. if you like it to be private you walk up to the person and that you would like to talk to 1 R 2 people.. But she did call me a raciest and did bring up Trump . After 5 mins But it did go on for 10 mins wish I had got it all sometime you need to record what going on .. Guess because she was a employee was going to have me removed so she did get a employee he came in there so there was bulling # 2 then after class did start she was doing selfish pictures I was in because could see myself guess to should all her friends in the gym that I know a lot of them to as the Raciest witch that part starts around 145 min ..

after class did start about 20 mins into she had to go and complain more about me to management..still I do not back down this is not different them Starbucks last week ..when I do go back into the Gym I hope there no harassment from her and her friends.. BTW I was thinking I think I have done a few of her class why is she acting like this . wow Reply I was recently let go from one of ur LA Fitness locations in Canada.when you go to the Gym as a employee teaching a class are just doing a class you are still representing the gym. The location was in the Greater Toronto Area, in the City of Mississauga the Vega location @ Winstonchruchill & Dundas. On April 19/18 I came into work & i was completely caught off graud when the operations manager there, Jackie pulled me aside & said she had to let me go cause of how many absences I had in the short time I worked there & cause she needed someone more reliable.