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30-Mar-2017 00:49

This is how Markle operates though - befriends some third party, conveniently a hair stylist, facialist, or whatever, to get access to the star.

But in this case, it was just bullshit by Meghan Markle. What she's got here in star power are people who want publicity.

I personally don't like to see hollywood interacting with British aristocracy and royalty. It's sort of like not wanting the gravy on your plate to touch your green beans...

I was deeply moved by the serenity of Meghan's mother.

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I heard most of the CNN coverage via satellite car radio. During the wedding, Kate had blatantly avoided eye contact with the newest Duchess and deliberately avoided looking at her during the entire ceremony.

[BTW: I think he's hot and don't mind if he iis a FOD!

]God I hope Meghan loses interest in those vapid hollywood people that showed up at the wedding.

Difference being in the past the royals and aristos who hung with Hollywood hung with the A list.

Harry is hanging with the Z list, although the presence of a couple of A - listers at the wedding show that even when Hwood doesn't know the bride or groom, they'll show up for access and association with a royal. Edward whathisname (the guy who inherited from Queen Victoria) fucked plenty of Meghan Markles in his day. The actual sovereign and heirs are supposed to be above all that. Margaret was once as celebrated - more so - than Harry.

@R42, yes, Prince William and Kate have probably done all those things tonight -- they're no dummies, as they want more insurance that Harry will never reach the throne (nor whoever his legal wife / consort may be at that time).

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