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There’s no strict hierarchy (eg not all gentry are above all labor), but you can picture them as offset ladders, with the lower gentry being at the same rung as the higher labor and so on. The Elite control everything; the constant threat is that Gentry and Labor will unite against them, which might very well work.

The Elite neutralize this threat by making Labor hate Gentry as “effeminate” or “pretentious”; they also convince Labor that the Gentry are probably secretly in cahoots with the underclass against Labor.

To be in labor you need skills, to be in gentry you need education, and to be in elite you need connections.I notice Siderea is a psychotherapist, which doesn’t surprise me.We in mental health get a pretty good cross-sectional exposure of everybody and get to hear about their lives, and with enough data points the structure comes into sharper relief.Even if community college does a great job teaching whatever trades it teaches, it will not teach you how to be a part of the upper class, and this will seriously limit your opportunities. Politically, the left pretends class doesn’t exist; the right talks about it, but only to yell at the underclass and say that their culture is wrong.

Race is really complicated and will be left out of this analysis.This guy is probably middle-to-upper-middle-class and college educated, maybe not a great college but still college-educated. And you start to learn you can predict things about these people, the concerns they’re going to have, the kind of things that happen to them. How they relate to their friends: Sherri will expound upon the flaws of every single one of her ungrateful coworkers; Alex will reluctantly say he went through a tough breakup a year or two ago.And maybe he’s fallen on hard times and doesn’t have a dollar to his name. What kind of drugs they abuse, if they abuse drugs (maybe Sherri has smoking and drinking problems; Alex has probably tried marijuana and LSD but is embarrassed to say so).Class breaks through in a couple of phrases like “rednecks” or “white trash” or “white collar” or “coastal elites”, but people use the phrases without usually having a broader idea that it’s class they’re talking about. But lower-class people like lower-class culture and generally do not want to adopt upper-class culture, except insofar as it’s necessary to advance. This limits social mobility; you can’t join what you can’t understand. College is a finishing school for the upper classes.