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31-Jan-2017 14:25

I was in college and having a great time with a couple of girlfriends when I was first seduced by a Bi man. He was a professor at the school (not my professor), and he was next door neighbors to the house in which I rented a room. He went and changed out of his jeans into some running shorts and a Tee shirt. He was getting close and he reached around and grabbed my cock and jacked me off as he was coming. I also like how it is obvious to the reader that the man is trying to seduce you, but you seem oblivious at first. These all have a sense of authenticity for me because they are familiar to my own bi experience, but also from other situations in life where an opportunity presents itself but you let it slip by. He led me to the bathroom and put me in the shower. Now I have been together with my (now since 2008) husband fifty-two years.

He told me he always tanned nude, but I was free to do whatever I wanted. He didn't miss a chance and told me I could take a shower in the master bathroom. I quickly laid back down on my stomach to hide my excitement. At one point I had been facing away and when I looked back he was stroking his cock.

He and the owner of the home loved to get together and have drinks and discuss different heady topics.

He was a nice guy, and he had some ideas that made you think.

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He was an Anthropologist and postulated that as society evolved, eventually the taboos of sex would fall away and it would be okay to engage with whoever we wanted, regardless of gender.