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Interestingly, James was also known as Joseph of Arimathea. Jmmanuel was known as Yuz Asaf to the Muslims and to the Indians he was known as Isa.

There is a place in Syria near Damascus called Mayuam-i-isa which means Accounts of his survival come from the Talmud of Jmmanuel and from the Ahmadiyyan religion of India.

Here is a page from their website that provides more research into what staring at screens can do to your sleep, as well as the science behind the app.

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Abraham was said to possess the “Tablets of Testimony” which represented all the knowledge handed down from the time of Noah.

Noah obtained them indirectly from his father, ENKI, the god of the Sumerian civilization. The cipher of the tablet was called the Qabala (or Cabala).

The latter further depicts Jesus spending the last part of a long life in the Kasmir region and being buried in Srinagar where there is still a tomb venerated as his.

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