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Out in the cornfield — the next round — are some watermelons and pumpkins that you must blast. Once they're splatted all over the field, you must fend off blackbirds and fluffy white rabbits. COMPUTING' AUGUST 1988 I love the sound effects— especially for splatting the melons. " sel ECT " : IJ 1238 POKE 82,2i P0KE 83,39 DA 1240 INPUT AS OG 1250 IF A$="P" THEN GOSUB 2788 OX 1268 IF A$="P" THEN 888 WZ 1278 IF A$="D" THEN 1348 WE 1288 IF A$="R" THEN A$="S": GOTO 690 JY 1290 IF A$="M" THEN 548 UF 1300 IF W0 THEN A$="5": G0T0 690 BV 1310 IF A$="C" THEN GOSUB 3450 EN 1320 GOSUB 3678 TV 1330 GOTO 888 IL 1340 GRAPHICS 8: SETCOLOR 2, O, 12 : SETCOL OR 1,0,4: SETC0L0R 4,8,2 YR 1358 ? The color registers that don't have a SETCOLOR value beside them are the player color registers. Why then is support increasingly gravitating toward Commo- dore? No one will buy the machines because there's no software available.

A good shootist will get to shoot bottles over Gramps' head and then move on to the barn scene. scenes — the barnyard fence, cornfield, and barn — alternating with Grandpa's bo- nus round. You'll see how to set the color values for these registers in a fu- ture column on bit-mapped graphics. ), and you should hopefully have a good grasp of what screen memory is and how it works for each of the 12 graphics modes. Flippies (diskettes containing both Commodore and Atari versions, one on each side) have decreased, with games be- ing produced for only one machine (usually the Commodore). And manufacturers avoid supporting the machines, fearful that they'll be stuck with excess inventory. Enough of this pleading; let's get on to this month's games. These very specialized games are the easiest to buy and the easi- est to review. While each may feature a differ- ent battle in a different era, their basic programming structure is typically the same.

We think this is an exciting issue, and we're sure you will too. Let us know how we're doing, and what we can do to better serve you. by Steve Panak Editorial by Clayton Walnum v 8-Bit Notes V Reader Comment V Master Memory Map by Robin Sherer V BASIC Editor II by Clayon Walnum ST Notes V Game Design Workshop by Craig Patchett V Database Delphi by Michael A. WILDER Production Director DONNA HAHNER National Advertising Director JE PUBLISHERS REPRESENTATIVE (213) 467-2266 (For regional numbers, see map) Advertising Production Director JANICE ROSENBLUM Advertising Manager PAULA THORNTON Subscriptions Director IRENE GRADSTEIN Vice President, Sales JAMES GUSTAFSON Where to Write All submissions should be sent to: ANALOG Computing, P. Correspondence concerning a regular column should be sent to our editorial address, with the name of the column included in the address. users, and now the tiki SX212 is finally out, ANALOG has been rary using the SX2I2 with a 180XE and can he usee lications. 14617 ATARI " PHONE ( 7/|6 l 467-9326 JUST RELEASED ! Money Pouch really hits the mark as far as I'm concerned, sneaking the learning in underneath the fun. Most families who own com- puters find that one just isn't enough — and the older your children get, the more that'll be true. The an- swer is yes, and the solution is graphics mode 10.

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One quick question: Why didn't you just sub- scribe to the magazine instead of trying to hunt it down every month? Don't accidentally hit him or you'll lose all your bonus points. "DISTANCES ARE IN "; Z$;" AND AR WO 1388 SETCOLOR 4,8,2:? This time, however, screen memory will work in the same way as it did with the four color modes, except now all nine color registers can be accessed. The XE/XL lines have 64K, the same as the similar Commodore lines. It's the old vicious circle, a computerized Catch-22.First on the agen- da is Robin Sherer's Master Memory Map, a complete tour of your Atari's innards brought to you over the course of the next few months, including complete documentation of even the most esoteric memory locations in your machines. All other editorial material (letters, press release, etc.) should be sent to: Editor, ANALOG Computing, 9171 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. COMPUTING'AUGUST I988 5 The Newsroom is entirely menu driven and, as the box indicates, well made for "journalists of all ages." Desktop Publishing for Your XE/XL Before vou spend $ 1.0(10 on a tosh desktop publishing svslci •HO board, a 1)152") parallel lor lets you use a standard ■dor lo hook Up your 1500 villi couli you ereale ham l\' sophist ini Springboard Soli- Sunnyvale, CA 94086 igc lor the XK/Xl. It's so rare to find an educational program that can teach while still allow- ing the children to have fun. Now we have a way to get 16 colors on the screen at the same time, but we're res- tricted to them all having either the same hue or the same luminance.And for those of you who've always wanted to write your own arcade games, but didn't know where to start, we've got Game De- sign Workshop, a column by Craig Patch- ett that'll take you, month by month, through the entire process of designing and writing a video game. COMPUTING T S w V Barnyard Blaster (Atari Corp.) by Matthew J. Ratcliff V Panak Strikes Steve gives the old thumbs-up/thumbs-down test to Shiloh: Grant's Trial in the West (SSI) and Bridge 5.0 (Artworx). Correspondence regarding subscriptions, in- cluding problems and changes of address, should be sent to: ANALOG Computing, P. Box 16927, North Hollywood, CA 91615, or call (818) 760-8983. lets newspapers and lair- Speed Talking ulls - Years ago, Alari annoit a 1200 drawings, diagrams i litty would be under 0 with a SIO port con- ddi- ncclor for XK and XI. COPYS all EN HANCED DENSITY programs plus retains all of the features of our World Famous SUPER ARCHIVER! Allows you to COPY or CREATE single or ENHANCED density protection schemes (including PHAN- TOM SECTORS! Completely automatic; compatible with the BIT-WRITER! I've always been an advocate of painless learning ;\j you am M \rj 'ipy Ji J^ -tough ihij \m iiidaad baa/] ^dasigiisd, Ova/' iha mil /ay/ months iij y/a pi zomio'ttii Dk wj) iha nav/ publbhaft and ihay mh % tha rough adgaj y/i JJ ba jmooihad, (maybe I'm just basically lazy), and as a teacher, I've always tried to keep the in- terest level of my classes as high as pos- sible. Maybe it's time for you to con- sider a second computer, so the kids can have one of their own. " "; ES;" DISTANT FRO M SOL" VC 1450 X=INTCCS*Bl/R*VARl*100 0. • ** M MERCURY M ■ X T0 1460 X=INTCCS*ci/R*Gfl R)*ie O 0. Is there any way to get more than five colors on the screen without these restrictions?$ /"^ q 50 ; 28 J 1050 MECHANISM Factory fresh TANDON mechs. Units are complete with Head, Stepper, Spindle motor etc. $ 157 95| POWER PACKS Exact replacement transformer for 800/400, 1050, 810, 1200XL, 8 units. All boards are new, tested and complete with all components. In the past these two gentlemen have supplied some of the finest machine-language programs ever to appear in the pages of this magazine. format your RAMDISK in Double Density, activate a built-in 400/800 OS for software com- patibility, plus dozens of other features to numerous to mention! The new logo is real- ly sharp and the photo is hilarious. We can understand your confusion, and so are glad to take this space to tell you — and everyone else who is interested — something about the maga- zine's production. The dots are as high as the ones in graphics mode 8, but they're four times as wide. That translates to 32K of screen memory if the dots were to be the same size as those in graphics mode 8.

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