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readsheet ni SS&l-v SS^' ' ir '"'''"" ''' " " t MUA Sft. Instead, they had a stripped-down version called CTIA.REVIEWS: Shiloh • Bridge 5.0 •■ Ba rnyard Blaster _ W "Providing 8 Bit support with one of the Worlds Am GMC3n I GCnn3" Vl SIOn krgss Umemrmoi Mmre»\mmmpm n For Orders Only - 1-800-551-9995 • No surcharge for VISA/Master Card CA. "ULTRA SPEED PLUS" .95 .95 Imagine a universal XL/XE Operaling System so easy to use that anyone can operate it instantly, yet so versatile and powerful that every Hacker, Programer and Ramdisk owner will wonder how they ever got along without it! " NEPTUNE •■■■•■•■I ""X IX 1530 X=INTCC5*Ji/R*UARi*10 0. " PLUTO ";x LV 1540 POKE 838,175: P0KE 839,242 RN 1550 IF A$="P" THEN GRAPHICS 0: SETCOLO R 2,0,12: SETC0L0R 1, 0, 4 : SETCOLOR 4,8,2 : A$="M":? SGOTO 1380 CL 1560 GOSUB 3620 AG 1570 POKE 8 2, fl: POKE 83,40 HI 1580 ? The only real difference between the two chips is that CTIA doesn't have the three modes we are going to talk about, name- ly graphics modes 9, 10 and 11.There are a whole mess of mice and sparrows loose in the barn. If you're a good sniper, you may make it though all 36 screens and fin- ish the game As you progress through the levels, you have fewer bullets per round and must maintain a progressively higher shooting accuracy. This knowledge will come in han- dy, since the concept of screen memory is one that will come up again and again. This has to be a market phenomenon — there's just not enough demand out there to warrant the eation (or conversion) of an Atari ver- in of many games. But as I'm reporting this month, there really are a lot of games for the Atari. And to make sure we continue to get more great games, we have to support the designers, programmers and software publishing companies that support us. Based on the old Avalon Hill board games which were just begging to be com- puterized, these games replace multi- sided dice and complex tables with the in- credible speed of the computer.Those little critters are tough to zap, being small and fast. At the end of the game you're given a final rating from "Total Dud" through "Terminator" to the ulti- mate Blaster. Otherwise, the inufacturers, being in this game for the money, would support our machines. When you see a game you like, buy it, rather than simply borrow it from a fel- low user. The resulting games are much easier to learn, much easier to play and much more en- joyable and accessible to the general public But whether the battle rages on a mo- nitor, or on a table-top board, play progresses through a number of phases and stages in which you typically issue commands to your trooops and then ob- serve the results.For more information, contact ANALOG Computing at (213) 858-7100, ext. When you folks said distribution under the new owners would improve, you weren't kid- ding. He's been tearing up Grandpa's property; a tough critter to zap for bonus points. But three bits will only hold a value be- tween and 7. .119.00 Avatex 1200 HC 89.99 2400 179.00 Supra 2400 Baud XL, XE 169.00 2400 Baud ST 169.00 2400 Baud (no software) 149.00 MONITORS Magnavox CM8505 14" Composite 199.00 ST HARDWARE ATARI SM1224 RGB *_-_ COLOR MONITOR 9 Includes: 520 ST FM with 3V2" drive built-in, mouse, power supply and 1224 color monitor. .23.99 Sublogic Flight Simulator II 32.99 Timeworks Swiftcalc/Wordwriter (ea.) 46.99 Partner ST 37.99 Print Master Phis ¥ " .. But be- fore we dive into battle, I have a little bad news.I've always had a hard time find- ing the magazine, and had to keep checking the local B. It's go- ing to be great to be able to buy my favorite Atari magazine so close to home. — Richard Hall Watertown, NY Yep, we're very serious about improving our distribution, as well as improving subscription and customer support. At the end of each round, if your shoot- ing percentage is high enough, you pro- ceed to the bonus round. ) enough to toss spinning bottles into the air, for additional shoot- ing practice. In order to get nine colors, we need to store a value between and 8 Alas, that means we have to use four bits and just not use some of the possible values (9 through 15). COMPUTING' AUGUST 1988 89 When you want to talk Atari XL/XE HARDWARE INTERFACES ICD P: R Connection 59.99 Printer Connection 41 .99 Supra 1150 38.99 1151 (1200 XL) 41.99 Xetec Graphix Interface 38.99 Atari 850 Interface 109.00 COMPUTERS Atari 130XE 5 Atari 65 XE 99.99 XL/XE ENHANCEMENTS Axlon 32K Mem. 1040 RGB/Color System 999.00 1040 Monochrome System 819.00 1040 Computer (no monitor) 679.00 520ST FM RGB/Color System . Infocom, like some other manufac- turers, has dropped Atari 8-bit support, citing memory constraints. COMPUTING And when someone you know is look- ing at computers, list the benefits of Atari.As time marches on ANALOG Computing will be available in more and more locations across the country. You score the most for each bottle (100 points) by exploding them over Grandpa's head. And this in turn means that the dots in graphics mode 10 are going to be exactly the same size as those in modes 9 and 11. Board (400/800) .19.99 Atari 80 Column Card 79.99 MODEMS Atari SX212 300/1200 (ST) 89.99 835 19.99 XMM301 42.99 Anchor VM520 300/1200 ST Dir. While this is understandable in Infocom's case (as their text intensive works of interactive fiction eat up gobs of both RAM and disk space), the drop of support from other compa- nies is less easily explained. The Commodore and Atari lines are vir- tually identical, except, of course, for the ugly specter of limited software support.One quick question: Why didn't you just sub- scribe to the magazine instead of trying to hunt it down every month? Don't accidentally hit him or you'll lose all your bonus points. "DISTANCES ARE IN "; Z$;" AND AR WO 1388 SETCOLOR 4,8,2:? This time, however, screen memory will work in the same way as it did with the four color modes, except now all nine color registers can be accessed. The XE/XL lines have 64K, the same as the similar Commodore lines. It's the old vicious circle, a computerized Catch-22.

Just plug in, no difficult alignments or adjustments required. - $HQ50 400 Membrane Keyboard .50 810 DISK DRIVE PARTS Sideboard with Data Sep .95 Analog Board .50 Rear Power Board (New Style) . .50 Comptete Set (New Style) .50 Board set includes instructions for using a Tandon TM- 100-1 or MP I B-51 mechanics to build your own disk drive. Irom us) ATARIWRITER CARTRIDGE Popular cartridge version turns any 8 bit Atari into a powerful word processor. Those programs include BBK Artist, The Robox Incident, TEDIT, The ANALOG Data- base and The Clash of Kings, to mention only a few. Below are just a FEW features you'll find in the amazing OS: • ULTRA Speed SIO for most modified drives i ULTRA Speed is toggledble ■ Boot directly Irom RAMDISK . Add the XF551 ENHANCERtothenew XF551 drive and your problems are over! I couldn't wait to flip open the magazine to see what other changes had been made. It takes a lot of time to design a magazine from the ground up. " JUPITER ■ ■ ■ ■ i " ■ X DC 1500 X=INTCt5*Gi/R»UARj*10 0. Even if they were only twice as wide as a graphics mode 8 dot, they would still need 16K of screen memory.This does not apply to programs which specifi- cally state that they are not public domain and, thus, are not for public distribution. Box 16927, North Hollywood, CA 91615; (818) 760-8983. But when most of the programs that are availa- ble today for the Atari were being devel-oped us- ing the HELP key would have made tlie program somewhat incompatible with the older machines. Grandpa first sets up some bottles and cans on the back fence to get you warmed up. Sounds good, but unfortunately things don't quite work that way. Call (Monochrome monitor) SM124 Monochrome Monitor 169.00 SM1224 Color Monitor 329.00 Atari XF551 Drive (XL/XE) 179.00 AA314 DS/DD Disk (ST) 209.00 DRIVES MMM Atari SHD204 *„- 20 Meg for ST 9 I. 5V4 ST Drive 209.00 Indus GTS 100 3V 2 " DS/DD (ST) 189.00 GT Drive (XL/XE) .179.00 GTS1000 5 1 A" DS/DD ST 199.00 Supra 20 Meg Hard Drive (XL/XE) 679.00 20 Meg Hard Drive (ST) 559.00 30 Meg Hard Drive (ST) 689.00 PRINTERS Atari 1027 LQ XL/XE .129.00 Atari XM-M801 *..«~ XL/XE Dot Matrix 9 XM-M804 ST Dot Matrix 199.00 XDM 121 Letter Qlty. II " Abacus PC Board Designer 149.00 Access Leaderboard Golf 22.99 Activision Hacker II Doomsday 27.99 Antic CAD 3-D 31 .99 Avant Garde PC Ditto 64.99 Batteries Included Degas Elite 38,99 ST SOFTWARE Comnet ST Term 19.99 Dae Easy Accounting 59.99 Electronic Arts Gridiron Football/Auto Duel, (ea.) 26.99 Isgur Portfolio 119.00 Firebird Silicon Dreams 19.99 The Sentry 19.99 Infocom Beyond Zork 34.99 Michtron Major motion 25.99 Microprose Gunship 28.99 F-15 Strike Eagle 24.99 Miles Software ST Wars 24.99 Mark Williams C 119.00 Paradox Wanderer (3D) 24.99 Progressive Computer Graphic Artist 1.5 129.00 Psygnosis Barbarian/Deep Space (ea.) 25.99 Soft Logik Corp. § HC^ - DP ; S MI'S MU*M tm mm U1HE CD K#l '13*19 HO 654 I JJ omised, this month ig to take a look at some of t, lany simulations out on the m; :et. in my mind, immediately places me on the battlefield, poised to relive some historic military confrontation, the true simu- lation genre is much broader, encompassing both warfare and peacetime activities, such as flight simulation and chess.In addition, any programs used must state that they are taken from ANALOG Computing Maga- zine. There are ways around that incompatibility, of course, but it seems that most developers took the easy way out and just ignored it. The other day I actual- ly saw a copy of ANALOG Computing in a supermarket drugstore! As they are shot, the bottles explode in a shower of glass, while the cans ricochet high into the air — both excellent effects. He can pop up in the back- ground at the end of any shooting round. Four bits will hold a value between and 15; we already know that. Publishing Partner 54.99 Strategic Simulations Rings of Zilfin/Phantasie III (ea.) . Today, though, we will concentrate on the war game.All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?by Ron Goodman V Crisis Center Car crashes, hotel fires, snipers, airplane hijackings, bank robberies and all manners of emergency conspire to put your abilities to the test in this nerve-racking simulation. PAPPAS Executive Editor CLAYTON WALNUM Art Director EDDY G. D., MICHAEL BANKS, FRANK COHEN, ANDY EDDY, MAURICE MOLYNEAUX, STEVE PANAK, CRAIG PATCHETT, MATTHEW J. An incorrectly addressed letter can be delayed as long as two weeks before reaching the proper destination. The SX212 has hookup to both I he )ort and an RS-232 Willi serifs, sans set if, bold, underlined | n • typing' on votn and more are easily chosen with a cou program, while a n pit' ol key strokes. One of the keys across the top of the computer is labeled HELP. We saw earlier that there are five playfield color registers, with "playfield" being a fancy name for any- thing that's put on the screen using screen Joe Mc Manus V Wordlock Having trouble keeping the riff-raff out of your private files? HERCH Managing Editor DEAN BRIERLY East Coast Editor ARTHUR LEYENBERGER West Coast Editor CHARLES F. Advertising Sales JE Publishers Representative 6855 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90038 Los Angeles San Francisco Chicago Denver New York City — (213) 467-2266 — (415) 864-3252 — (312) 445-2489 — (303) 595-4331 — (212) 724-7767 Address, all advertising materials to: Paula Thornton — Advertising Production ANALOG Computing 9171 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300 Beverly Hills, CA 90210. For disk subscriptions, see the cards at the back of this issue. Change of address- Six weeks advance notice, and both old and new addresses are needed. Second-class postage paid at Beverly Hills, CA, and additional mailing offices. The program is well DIP switches inside designed for mixing tcxl and graphics, options. 7808 Creekridge Circle Minneapolis, MN 55435 (612) 944-3912 Atari Writer 80 Rounds the Finish use the SX2I2. is a speaker, Hal, and pos- prograin to operlv with the SX2I2. COMPUTING SOUTHERN SOFTWARE 205-956-0986 24 HOUR PHONE CALL OR WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG ALL 8 BIT AND ST SOFTWARE IN STOCK CALL FOR PRICES AND LATEST TITLES SOFTWARE IN STOCK FOR OTHER COMPUTERS PRICES LISTED FOR MAIL ORDER ONLY - ADO 10* ON PHONE ORDERS ST COHPUTERS. Yet, whenever I push it, it does absolutely nothing. — Deron Smith Russel, KS No, there's probably nothing wrong with your computer. So far we haven't seen how to put things on the screen in any other way, but there is something called "Player/Mis- sile Graphics," or "PMG" for short, that provides an alternative.$^y50 SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM Fully Hayes Compatible. This issue we're proud to present, complete with its assembly- language listings, BCALC, a full-featured spreadsheet for your 8-bit Atari computer — written, of course, by those prolific machine-language wizards, Kolbe and Schappel. Special timer circuits not re- quired for 1 or 2 Meg upgrades Built in floppy disk configura- tion editor (1-9} ■ Built In RAMDISK configura- tion editor (1-9) • RAMDISK exoctly duplicdtes flcppy drive so sector copy- ing and sector editing are now possible • Built in MINI Sector Copier • Toggle SCREEN OFF for up to 40% increase of processing speed • Toggle internal BASIC • Rom resident disk loader program (MACH 10 menu) • DOUBLE DENSITY RAMDISK capable . " .95 The XF551 Atari drive is a fine product with one major flaw ... This device will restore 100% compatibility while retaining original design qualities of Ataris' super new drive. Imagine my confusion when I was greeted by the same old ANALOG. I don't mean to say there was anything very wrong with ANALOG'S old style. When ANALOG Com- puting went back into full production, there was enough work to keep us busy just getting the magazines out the door on time, without having to worry about a new design as well. Atari evi- dently figured that this was just too much memory (there were other more compli- cated factors as well). The screen memory for modes 9 and 11 works, as you may have suspected, in exactly the same way as for the other color modes except that now there are four bits per dot instead of two. Remember how I said before that there are five color registers?

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