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Jobs and several Apple employees, including human–computer interface expert Jef Raskin, visited Xerox PARC in December 1979 to see the Xerox Alto.

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Lisa won the race in 1983 and became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI, but was a commercial failure due to its high price tag and limited software titles.In January 2007, Jobs announced that Apple Computer, Inc. to reflect its shifted focus toward consumer electronics.He also announced the i Phone, which saw critical acclaim and significant financial success.By the end of the 1970s, Apple had a staff of computer designers and a production line.

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The company introduced the Apple III in May 1980 in an attempt to compete with IBM and Microsoft in the business and corporate computing market.While early Apple II models used ordinary cassette tapes as storage devices, they were superseded by the introduction of a ​ The Apple II was chosen to be the desktop platform for the first "killer app" of the business world: Visi Calc, a spreadsheet program.Visi Calc created a business market for the Apple II and gave home users an additional reason to buy an Apple II: compatibility with the office.In August 2011, Jobs resigned as CEO due to health complications, and Tim Cook became the new CEO.