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I can see on your Instagram account that you’re growing grapes — can you really make wine that far north?

It’s only our second year — we harvested some grapes last year for wine; some are table grapes, but the majority is for wine. We have big glass containers, carboys, of wine, but we really didn’t get that much last year because of issues with the bears and the powdery mildew.

How did you settle on this house in this specific part of the world?

Around 15 years ago, I had a big sheep farm near Toronto.

I found this amazing property, off-grid, a total shack which needed major work, and I was like ‘I love it!

’ So about a year later I bought it — I had to sell my farm, and then got the house and do all this work on the house for about 12 years. But it was just a bit too remote for us; it was so beautiful, set on a cliff right on the ocean, and we enjoyed a lot of aspects of it, like kayaking off the beach. But driving to town 45 minutes each way with little kids was a lot. We then decided to sell that house and move a little closer to town, and that’s the property we’re on now.

Running away from that mentality and that pace; yeah, there’s a bit of that.

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We wanted to instil this sense of keeping it simple and slowing down — LA just didn’t seem right for us.At one point Tash and I were walking across the road, and there was a bear lying down, feeding himself grapes like some Roman god. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was nine, but I guess I’m a pescatarian. I grew up in apartments in cities, so I always had this longing — my mom had a farm years ago, and my family had homesteads before I was born — this desire and interest in surviving off the land and being connected with the rhythms of the Earth.I’ve always gardened; even when my mom had apartments, we would have an allotment garden if we could.I came upon this town Powell River on the Sunshine Coast and fell in love with it.

We went kayaking, it was just so beautiful, and I was like this is all I want to do — kayak for the rest of my life.Everybody who lives here wants to live here, if you know what I mean. We still moved every two years for some reason, in an around Toronto, and when I was 15, I moved to New York. Did you not want your kids growing up in a city, or was it that you didn’t want growing up in LA specifically? When they were babies it was nice, we had a beautiful garden and they were able to enjoy the outdoors all year round.As LA is more suburban than urban, it’s not so hard to have a house with a garden.I always had this goal of raising my kids in nature and on a farm, and Laura knew that from day one, right?