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17-May-2017 10:51

I submitted my father legacy data code :- 250-0023-6395 of the year 1951 Vide ARN No :- 101830602043238300462.Our fore father were living in Assam before civilization of human, no record had been found before 1723.Whether or not you believe in fate, it can certainly feel like fate when you meet the love of your life.Yahoo provides many Internet services including a search engine, a chat program and an email service. Yahoo provides a free, web-based email service that gives users a Yahoo email address upon signing up.our fore father was living in a small village named Bagbari (Pong-sankar) PO.& PS – Kaligang Bazar under Karimganj District PIN- 788720.My father name is Late Durgesh Bhattacharjee who was freedom fighter & was in jail 1943, 1945-46 & died on 3rd sept./1987.

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Is not it insult of a freedom fighter family or indigenous people of Assam ?

I have great faith on you as well as Sri Sarbananda Sonowal C, M Assam , We all want NRC truly & honest procedure, Please give me reply in this matter at the earliest possible to release my mental anxiety /Pressure.

At the time of this writing, Ubuntu 14.10 does not have a Passanger APT repository yet.

Moreover, Ubuntu 14.04 has an additional benefit: it's a LTS version, which stands for "long term support." LTS releases are designed to be stable platforms that we can stick with for a long time.You can create more than one account for various purposes, such as one for business use and one for personal use.Yahoo offers a free version, but also offers a premium service for a fee. Click on the "Sign Up" link near the top of the page.That Sir, why not, we are the indigenous people of Assam.