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After months of very few customers, Mom and Pop feel it's time to throw in the towel and quit. When Sam and Kara start hearing a mysterious "voice" no one else can hear, they believe it belongs to God, and they think He's telling them not to close up shop.Mom and Pop remain unconvinced, so the kids turn to their Italian baker, Luigi, for help who believes them and begins preparing the pizza.Nate and Thomas, two young boys, think Rex seems "a little scary" so they think nothing of passing him by, day after day, without saying a word.It isn't until their Pastor is spotted talking to Rex, that the boys even begin to think it might be okay to talk to him.It isn't until their friend Jen, clears up the matter, that the group realize what it truly means to "serve the Lord and win the prize."When three friends sit around and do nothing but complain, the surrounding rocks can't take it anymore and decide to cry out.The rocks point to the scripture that when God's people remain silent, even the rocks will cry out.After awhile, the boys can barely move their arms, and Daisy keeps dropping plates, getting food all over herself.None of them think they can keep "serving" at this pace.

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He begins telling people if they don't change everything about themselves and transform into something completely different before school starts, as well as pass some kind of transformation test, God is going to offer them up as a living sacrifice by torturing them.An older man named Rex, regularly sits on a bench near the town flag pole.Rex wears a hat with the letters POW/MIA written on it.Hosting plans can also be tested with the online demos.

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