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13-Apr-2017 06:12

We began drinking and slowly I began to see something I have rarely seen in Jen. I resisted because I had already received a message from Kal that he was on his way.I described the situation to him and he asked to see what she was doing. He made his way to his "reserved seat" and we offered him a drink.As I continued providing her with oral, I looked up to see that Kal had moved into a standing position by the bed.He was bending over her, kissing her, taking her breast into his hand. Now let me pause and say that this would be considered as a "bad threesome" situation to any guy since it was MFM.Not long after I had stocked the fridge with alcohol, Jen messaged me telling me she was on her way.

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I stood back from her and noticed the look on Kal's face that did not reflect any disappointment whatsoever.

Hello, Dear Tor DP fans, Allow me (Roy) to pick up where I left off in last Tuesday's post...