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06-Feb-2017 23:07

Which is again proof that the title of “doctor” in the scholarly community simply indicates a highly educated person. It’s tough to grasp what exactly was going through the minds of Park Hill administrators in this situation.

The parent educators who were affected by this were at the lower end of the pay scale and seemed to be close to retirement.

We’re finding it rewarding when people ask us to come do a Landmark Live telecast at their place of business or a community event.

A lead official with the Platte County Fair recently strolled into our office and asked if we’d come do our Landmark Live show on opening night of the fair.

Slashing their salaries in half and (allegedly) making statements to them to the effect they could easily be replaced by “less experienced” teachers if they raised objections, or the even more ridiculous “If you fire arrows into our camp, we will fire back” seems beyond reasonable explanation.

By the way, according to court documents that last statement was allegedly made by Dr.

Come be part of the live audience beginning around 7 p.m.

on Wednesday, July 18 somewhere near the Dirty Shame.

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We’ll be performing interviews with random folks, maybe talking to some random members of the band, engaging in random shenanigans, and perhaps randomly taste tasting a Dirty Shame beer or a Kraut Burger.

It won’t cost you anything and we promise not to embarrass you.